lapsing back into video games

With my small break in work, I’ve been on kind of a video game craze lately. I got into Persona 4 Golden again, although I witlessly chose “Very Hard” mode and now I’m literally unable to get past the Heaven boss… every turn, he casts a wide area level 3 spell that kills my entire party. It’s pretty ridiculous. Since at this point I just want to see the story, I restarted the game on “Very Easy” and am just skipping through all the story, heh. Aside from that, I also popped in Odin’s Sphere and Phantom Brave to try and finally play through.

What I really wanted to talk about, though, were the new games coming out later this year!

Tales of Xillia

First off is Tales of Xillia (August 6). I haven’t really been a big Tales fan; I enjoyed the first Tales of Phantasia on the SNES via ROM, but never beat it, and never played any of the others. However, this one just grabbed me visually. For all I know it’s a horrible game and the worst in the series, but it looks pretty damn good. So that’s kind of my latest impulse buy.

Dragon's Crown

Next is Dragon’s Crown, Vanillaware’s almost vaporware that’s finally coming to both the PS3 and PSVita on August 6th as well. Unfortunately, there’s no cross-play support, so since I got my game on the Vita, I won’t be able to coop with my friends who only have PS3’s (*cough*THIS IS A HINT TO YOU FRIENDS WITH VITAS :D*cough*).

Dragon’s Crown is just a standard beat-’em-up side scroller. I believe there are 6 playable classes, and it supports up to 4-person local or network cooperative play.

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disgaea dimension 2

Disgaea Dimension 2

Some time ago, Nippon Ichi Software (N1) announced Disgaea Dimension 2, a direct sequel to the original Disgaea: Hour of Darkness PS2, as part of their 20th anniversary project. A lot of discussion (and pointless banter) is going on in the NISA forums, but I was watching the video N1 posted on the official website and found some shots confirming new/returning units.

Returning is the Dullahan unit from the first game. The shot looks like a Magichange attack with a Magic Knight:
Dullahan Magichange?

Here’s what appears to be a male version of the Angel generic class, although it’s possible it’s a completely new class as well:
Male Angel?

Last, here’s confirmation that one of the new characters in the promotional image is actually a generic class. From the positioning, perhaps it’s the new male Cleric?
New generic

I just got platinum on Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (Vita) last night, so I’m very excited to hear more news about this Disgaea sequel. I plan on finishing up Platinum trophies for both of the PS3 games when I get back to my apartment :) They’re both over 75% complete, so it shouldn’t be *that* hard, but I *am* missing the pirate ship parts trophy on Disgaea 4, so we’ll see how long that takes to finish…

hd asagi: the details

Now that I’ve had a chance to unlock HD Asagi and use her in battle, here are the details.

  • Natural Evility – Bullet Set: Execute one additional normal attack when gun is equipped. Functions as Attack +1 if she’s got a gun. 100% chance, too, unlike the Magic Knight’s Echo Evility.
  • Learned Evility – Flying Bullets: Attack range is limitless when gun equipped. So you like the flexibility of bows, but you also like the range on guns? Introducing HD Asagi: bringing back Disgaea 1 guns.
  • Learned Evility – Close-up Shot: Damage dealt to adjacent unit increased by 50% when gun is equipped. Basically improves counterattacks against melee units and makes your specials more powerful if you’re standing next to your target.
  • 3 new unique skills! Assault Storm is reminiscent of Cameo Star, Deadly Hurdle is a play on those lock & load arcade games, and Heroine Chant… was not memorable enough for me to describe right now :X
  • SD Asagi and HD Asagi do *not* share levels, equipment, boosts, etc. If you want to switch, don’t forget to unequip the existing one!

Deadly Hurdle is definitely my favorite skill, possibly out of all the skills in the game… although Glorious Hitter is pretty damn awesome. I love the victory skip-dance on the last stretch :P

disgaea 4: rank 2 us psn!

After a lot of work (read: duping), I finally got past Eternal__Spoon and hit rank 2 in the US pirate rankings for Disgaea 4! Very exciting stuff :) unfortunately, I know for a fact that there are some monsters who frequent GameFAQs who just haven’t uploaded their characters yet, so I don’t expect to stay here for too long :o

hd asagi dlc available on us psn

Today’s PSN update brings us the free HD version of Asagi for Disgaea 4. SPOILER ALERT (not really, but): in the post-game story, you meet Asagi as the only pixelated character who did not get transitioned to HD sprites. It’s basically a running joke in NIS games for Asagi, the supposed heroine of the canceled game Makai Wars, to appear in other games and grumble about not being the main character of a game yet.

HD Asagi was originally released in Japan for a small price where all proceeds would go towards tsunami victims. It is, however, free right now. I guess they don’t want the US’s charity. Who knows~! Anyway, once there is a patch available for Disgaea 4, Asagi should be obtainable via senate bill, provided you already have her SD version in your party. Cheers!

UPDATE: Still no patch or word from NISA about how to get the bill.

funny story

As of 1:06 PM CST on September 10, 2011, my pirates are ranked 4th in the US PSN >_> I bet people just haven’t been uploading their data as often; I just reincarnated a couple characters, so I decided to do an update before that. Still pretty neat to see my name so highly ranked :)