blog stats: summer 2010

So I originally planned on doing this on a more regular basis, but it takes a while to compile all the data and I have to be in the mood to get it all. So, here are the statistics for the better part of summer gone!

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blog stats: march 2010

Since 75% of my time spent on my blog is looking at blog stats, I figured I’d start sharing them with you guys. So, I’ve created an original Blog Stats logo, just for the occasion!

If you’re thinking to yourself “This picture has nothing to do with blog statistics,” you’re absolutely correct! I just randomly decided to use it. Maybe I’ll do a different picture every month, but if I’m lazy I’ll just keep reusing this one.

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search terms review

I don’t think this exactly falls into “sociology,” but it probably gets close. I’m pretty interested in statistics-related stuff, so it tickles me to no end to look at what you all use to find my blog. Here are the top search terms since I’ve started this blog. For easy viewing, I’ve marked the typos :P

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