fall 2013 anime season

The fall season is almost completely underway, so here are my top picks so far!

Strike the Blood

1. Strike the Blood

This show has captured my interest most completely of all the new shows. There is a man-made island off the coast of Japan that hosts various supernatural species who are at risk for extinction. The main character is a regular high school student who somehow became the 4th True Ancestor, a pure, original vampire. One day he meets a girl with a strange weapon who claims she’s been assigned to watch over him and kill him if it turns out he’s a danger to the world.

The main reason this show is currently #1 is just by how thorough the pilot was. The setting is simple enough, but it was explained naturally without excessive hand-holding. This gave more time to introduce characters through interactive scenes, and even let some action seep through as well as plenty of foreshadowing for future plot points. The character designs are fairly generic but crisp and clean. Overall, the package and presentation were all very neat, which speaks well for future episodes, especially with the plot foreshadowing. I’ll admit that it didn’t do anything groundbreaking, it was a very by-the-book pilot, but sometimes that’s what you need.


2. Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

KyoAni’s contribution this season with typical attractive KyoAni character designs. It’s hard for me to get tired of them since they really are just attractive. The setting here is modern fantasy, with magic and monsters known as “youmu” an accepted part of daily life. The pilot episode really tries to marry the dichotomy between everyday school life and fighting and exterminating youmu. The biggest reason why I ranked Strike the Blood higher based on the pilots is I just don’t see the big picture in this show yet. I think Kanata has the better potential of the two, but Strike lays it out better and sets up future episodes better. I want to watch multiple future episodes, not just the next one. A pretty minor failing on Kanata’s part, but hey, all I can really do is try to rationalize why I’m a bit more eager to watch the next Strike the Blood episode than the next Kyoukai no Kanata episode :X

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nisioisin returns!

Browsing Anime News Network, I came across two articles that piqued my interest. First, Kizumonogatari (prequel to Bakemonogatari, “broken goods story”) is streaming a trailer on the official website. It doesn’t really have much in it, but the trailer is somewhat amusing. I don’t know Japanese, so I can’t tell what it’s saying with all the random words flashing across the screen :(

Second, Nisemonogatari (sequel to Bakemonogatari, “fake goods story”) is getting an anime! This one will feature Araragi Koyomi’s sisters, Karen and Tsukihi. I am excited!

kizumonogatari anime announced

Just saw on Anime News Network that Kizumonogatari (kizumono = “defective/damaged item/thing” + monogatari = “story”), the prequel to Bakemonogatari, just had an anime green-lit. Same studio, so I hope the same level of quality as the original is conserved.

I’m glad the anime scene is putting out so many works I’m excited to watch. I just need to learn Japanese now so I don’t have to wait for fansubs >_<

medaka box vomic

If you follow recent anime at all, you’ll be familiar with Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari. From the first episode of Bakemonogatari, I decided Nisio Isin was welcome to join the ranks of People I Think Are Awesome. After that, it wasn’t hard to track down some of his other works, one being the light novels Zaregoto, the other being the manga Medaka Box.

Medaka Box is currently being scanlated by CXC. Browsing their site, I was able to discover some vomics (voice + comic = vomic… get it?!?!), which are pretty neat.

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