live-action hayate!

So apparently there’s a live-action adaptation of Hayate no Gotoku coming out… and the previews look ridiculous. Like, for serious. I’m currently at work so I can’t watch these with sound, but I’m not sure that would enhance the appeal in any way :x

daily hayate

I don’t have anything really to post today. I spent Saturday doing random errands and playing FF13. The last Titan challenge, Attacus, is kind of really annoying. It took me 4 tries, but I managed 4 stars. I also got the Growth Egg on Friday night, so I guess it’s Crystarium maxing time…

This weekend, Borderlands was on sale for $25, so I got that. It finished downloaded yesterday morning, so I spent most of the day playing that and Torchlight (easier to play while eating food).

I’ll probably spend my evening either putting together decks for MMS Chicago this weekend or playing Borderlands/Torchlight, so I’ll leave this Hayate strip for your viewing pleasure (another MSPaint into LtR!)

I'd look like that if I had to wait for breakfast too :o


So, if you watch anime or read manga, you’ll be familiar with face faults, which are the over-dramaticized facial features or “emoticons” used to convey a character’s feelings or perspective over words or expressions. Some of the big ones are the giant sweat drop, the giant red “bulging vein” cruciform, sleep bubbles (see: Wasted Talent #31).

Traditionally, the “sparkle” is used when a character is being especially attractive, either saying something really cool, really romantic, or flashing a beautiful smile. However, in parody manga and anime, it’s also used a lot in the extreme opposite sense: to denote that characters think they are saying something cool or making a cool pose, but no one else sees it that way.

Anyway, Isumi is probably my favorite sparkler (?), because she’s super cute and has such innocence about her own ability.

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