glorious love-child

Came across this gem on Kotaku. Looks utterly ridiculous and awesome and I want it.


greatest boss design

WARNING: the contents of this post are entirely sarcastic with the intent of insulting Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy 13 boss encounter design team.

So one of the best things about FF13 is that when your party leader dies (you), you get Game Over’d. This seems completely fair, since it’s not like you can just change party leaders whenever you want, and enemies can’t all randomly decide to gang up on the person you’re controlling. So it comes as no surprise that one of the most well-designed boss fights, Wladislaus, is an incredibly satisfying challenge. This mid-boss in the last chapter has the ability to deal 75%+  damage of a character’s maximum health in 1 attack. This means that there’s no need for him to concentrate all his attacks on 1 character; since he attacks faster than my characters generate ATB, he just has to whittle down my party’s health, then use this ridiculously fair attack. You know a game has a good design team when I have to arbitrarily keep 1 specific character at maximum health at all times or risk losing. Bravo, Squeenix, bravo.

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getting old yet?

So, if you were paying attention, Pokémon remake the second came out on Sunday. I’ve been a fan of the franchise for a while. Then again, I’m a stats fanatic and a pack rat, so something that combines collecting stuff with maxing out stuff is like perfect for me. However, something about remaking Gold/Silver as a “new” DS game rubs me the wrong way.

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