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And finally, the Persona 4 episode all true fans have been waiting for: the one without Personas! I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical that they would cover a lot of the extraneous material from the game, mainly the Social Link characters. I figured they would just be cameos, rather than having a whole episode without actually advancing the plot. While this normally would be a blasphemous waste of time, since it’s Persona, there technically is a benefit, although it still falls under the “new Persona of the week!” category.

Episode 5 introduces us to Ichijou Kou (Ono Daisuke), his buddy Nagase Daisuke (no idea), the basketball team, and the aloof student manager Ebihara Ai (Itoo Kanae). It would be pretty boring if they devoted an entire episode to a single SLink character, but interweaving the stories for 2 characters worked out quite well, especially considering how these two specific characters interacted in the game anyhow. Breaking away from the “dungeon/boss of the week” mold is quite refreshing, and you get to explore the characters’ personalities more in non-tense situations, something that you have the entire Persona 4 game to experience, but I’m glad they’re using anime episodes to flesh them out too. With this, I think we almost absolutely need 24 episodes to complete the series, since some of the later dungeons have enough plot content to take up multiple episodes.

persona 4 – the animation

Persona 4 anime started airing earlier this month. It was more or less following the game story on the dot, so I didn’t bother posting about it. This, unfortunately, gave it hard time really standing out, since the animation wasn’t spectacular or anything, and the show didn’t really have anything that set it apart from the game, which was (for the first 3 episodes) just vastly better.

Episode 4 finally starts to break free from the video game mold and really allows the anime format to shine over the video game. Rather than the typical “there is a puzzle to solve, encounter a boss shadow, beat it, roll credits,” one small advantage is that we’re still on the same dungeon as last episode, where Amagi Yukiko is still missing, so this episode can fully explore 2 aspects of Persona 4 the Anime that haven’t had much screen time yet: first, backstory, as you (the viewer) really get to see Yukiko’s daily life occurrences, something that wasn’t covered extensively in the game; second, fight scenes. Since the majority of the first 3 episodes is taken up by plot advancement, the time left for fight scenes is pretty low, so it’s hard to really depict something exciting or epic.

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persona: the fighter!

It was recently announced that Persona 4 would be getting both a PS Vita port (complete with new story character! Not a female main character, like what P3P got) and a PS3/X360 fighter adaptation! The fighter will be done by Arc System Works, best known for Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. Since I’m a sucker for fighters, I loved Persona 3 and 4, and the artwork for both games is pretty spectacular, I think I’m definitely going to watch this game for a US release. There are more screenshots at Kotaku, but I attached the ones I liked the best to this post :)

sometimes i spoil myself

So I was looking for a picture of the boss I’m stuck on in Persona 4 on Google Images and spoiled the story (although I had a strong gut feeling it would turn out that way). Ever since we stopped raiding in WOW, I’ve been occupying myself with anime and Persona 4, which I never got around to playing.

I have to say that P4 is much more enthralling than P3, simply because the events taking place are much more down to earth. It’s much easier to feel a sense of attachment to characters running around trying to solve kidnappings/murders than exploring a tower that only exists at midnight and generally has nothing to do with the outside world aside from the occasional accidental monster attack. Sure, I liked P3 a lot, but there was just a huge disconnect between Social Links and exploring Tartarus and killing rampaging Shadows. P4 feels a lot more interconnected, as evidenced by where I am currently in the story.

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