i certainly wish it were summer…

Well, looks like some 720p raws came out for Summer Wars, and there are already some muxes, well-seeded. The Zero-Raws version I downloaded doesn’t seem to like WMP11, the picture is 1-2 seconds ahead of the audio, but Aegisub plays it just fine. I’ll finish editing the 719x subtitle file, mostly for the learning experience in using Aegisub, translation checking, and I might try muxing my own. However, I definitely recommend this movie, so find it if you can :)

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summer wars subs

So I recently watched Summer Wars. I’m a die-hard no-spoilers kind of person, so, this being a movie, I’ll only offer the littlest of details. It’s about a teenage guy who is invited to the countryside by his classmate. The world they live in is almost entirely manageable online; communications, finances, electronics, almost everything has a virtual representation. During his outing, something disastrous happens that threatens both the real and online worlds.

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