ookami’s allure for the cultured audience

So, 5 episodes of Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi have aired, and I’m enjoying it enough to write a more detailed synopsis of what’s all going on. But, this won’t really be what you’d call a well-rounded review, like you would see on most blogs or anime sites. I don’t watch the episodes multiple times, especially not to catch animation details or music or other things. I often pause to look up voice actors. I wasn’t lost during Inception, so I certainly had no trouble following plot. So, what I’m writing about today is about what I notice when watching this show, and why it stands out to me.

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ookami-san to shichinin no nakama-tachi

First episode of this summer series has been subbed by [Mazui]. It’s another school life romantic comedy where the focus is on strong character personalities, but it definitely stands out. Ookami Ryouko is part of a club known as the Otogi Bank, where students commission the club’s assistance in return for future favors. The focus of this episode is less on the club, but more on Morino Ryoushi, a pathologically shy boy who confesses to Ookami near the beginning of the episode. Somehow or another, he ends up being considered for membership to the club, and so the idiosyncratic club members, not including the reluctant Ookami, give Morino a trial run on their next client.

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