more packages have arrived!

I continue building my manga collection with this new arrival.


Negima is going to be a work since I’m missing a bunch of middle volumes that are frequently sold out when I try to find them online. However, with these 2, I think I’m 3 volumes away from completing the series. Nisekoi is one I double-dipped on. I have the first 4 volumes on VIZ’s iOS manga reader, until they increased the price of all digital volumes by a dollar and also announced it would be getting a physical print. The rest are just continuing to complete other series; Psyren is now done, volume 15 being the last. One of these days I’ll have to sit and read it all through; love the story, too bad it got canceled. Still waiting on a new one by Toshiaki Iwashiro!


This was a “surprise” (hah, pun!), I was definitely not expecting volume 10 of the Haruhi series to be almost two times thicker than any previous volume. I have not been disappointed by the series, though. I know Haruhi is a very well-known, iconic figure in Japan, and the books really show that she’s not just a mascot, the story is very interesting and has only gotten better, particularly once you get past the content used for the 2 anime seasons.

So, what have I got to look forward to in the near future? Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for the Vita is near the top of my list. I really loved the original game on the PS2, so it will be fun to play it again on the Vita, especially with the new content from the International Edition. I hope to be equally motivated to actually play through and finish X-2 as well, even though I hear the ending is somewhat controversial and not especially well-liked. The top is going to be The Witch and the Hundred Knight, Nippon Ichi’s first foray into a full 3D game. It got quite good reception in Japan for a non-Disgaea game and looks really good, so I’m excited to run through it. For books, I have to finish the Malazan Book of the Fallen series before I get any more fantasy stuff, but I’ll probably take the plunge into Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series. Upcoming manga include Railgun v9, Genshiken 2 v4, Monster Musume v3, and The Seven Deadly Sins, a newer series that I really enjoying following each week.


achievement unlocked: malazan enthusiast

Just received a hefty package today:

New books!

Decided to get the first book, Gardens of the Moon, from a friend’s recommendation, then found myself running out to Barnes & Noble as soon as I finished it. After the same thing happened with book 3, I ran out to get book 4 then just decided to order the last 6 books at once to save myself future trouble. These are thick!

Malazan Book of the Fallen

Not sure how long it’ll take me to get through these; book 3, Memories of Ice, took me about 2 days to complete, but I was mostly able to just read the entire day and late into the night without interruption. We’ll see if I can manage that again.