hd asagi dlc available on us psn

Today’s PSN update brings us the free HD version of Asagi for Disgaea 4. SPOILER ALERT (not really, but): in the post-game story, you meet Asagi as the only pixelated character who did not get transitioned to HD sprites. It’s basically a running joke in NIS games for Asagi, the supposed heroine of the canceled game Makai Wars, to appear in other games and grumble about not being the main character of a game yet.

HD Asagi was originally released in Japan for a small price where all proceeds would go towards tsunami victims. It is, however, free right now. I guess they don’t want the US’s charity. Who knows~! Anyway, once there is a patch available for Disgaea 4, Asagi should be obtainable via senate bill, provided you already have her SD version in your party. Cheers!

UPDATE: Still no patch or word from NISA about how to get the bill.


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