first haul after rightstuf overhaul

So recently, RightStuf redid their website, which of course delayed orders :/ so when they had a Yen Press sale a few weeks ago and I ordered over $200 worth of books, of course the in-stock stuff only came in today >_< oh well, still exciting stuff!



Here’s the unboxing! Press on to see the spoils!

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lots of news and pics

Not for anything particularly exciting, but I started my new job last week and got bunch of new stuff to share pictures of!


First, the Ar noSurge LE that I haven’t opened but my plan to play it has moved up significantly since I saw the item synthesis video.

Next, I grabbed the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game second base set while I was at Guardian Games on Friday. Also haven’t played it yet since we’re planning to play Mage Knight first, but soon!


Relatedly, the Class Decks will be coming out next week after numerous delays, which signals the advent of the PFACG Organized Play program, AKA Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild. I called up Rainy Day Games and found out that they’re planning to start it on Friday October 10th. Excited! Hopefully there’s enough interest to keep it going, since I really enjoy the game.

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is index 3 coming?!

So a friend linked me this video today:

It appears to be a video promoting a new 10th anniversary work, and features characters from Kamachi’s other work too, Heavy Object. Obviously Index 3 is the biggest hype, but this could also mean that Heavy Object is on deck for an adaptation. Hopefully news comes soon!

more reasons why disgaea is my favorite franchise

Ever since I first picked up the PS2 original, released by Atlus, at the super-cheap used price of $40 from GameFly back in 2003, I have been a huge fan of Disgaea. The main game is always challenging, with intricate maze-like stages with terrain-based obstacles coupled with enemy units designed to have an advantage on the stage. After you beat the game, there are nigh-impossible side-quests and secret bosses that require you to exploit every loophole you can find to maximize every aspect of your team. And, once you beat those, you can continue maxing out your characters, their items, and unlocking the best items in the game, which oftentimes requires you to face maximized enemies… armies of them, that make your powered-up characters look like dust bunnies!

I’ve never played Makai Kingdom, although I own it and really should. However, I was told that the Omega spells in Disgaea 2 pictured the deities from that game, which I thought was neat. The first game also featured cameo playable characters from old NIS games, and subsequent games have also always had a large number of cameos from the first Disgaea and various other NIS games that have been released (or not! *coughAsagicough*). However, Disgaea 4 will be taking things an extra step, featuring cameos from franchises that have absolutely nothing to do with Disgaea!

Including this AWESOME gem~!

For those unfamiliar with the character in Omega Wind, that’s Holo from Spice & Wolf, a really good anime about… economics!

Disgaea 4 is set to release in early September in the US.

a certain scientific railgun – volume 1

In browsing Amazon a couple months ago, I was pleasantly surprised to run across this gem, an English release for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. Published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment, volume 1 of the Index offshoot manga came out on June 7th, 2011. It’s definitely interesting to see that the spin-off got licensed before the source material light novels and even the Index manga.

My copy just arrived today, and I decided to stop halfway through to write this short review. The translation is smooth, while leaving a couple Japanese remnants in (onee-sama, XX-san, etc.) but cutting out others (this will rage the hardcore fans; Biribiri -> Sparky). I was pretty surprised to see no TL notes on “onee-sama,” though. Sure, there’s no good English equivalent to it, so I think it’s fine leaving it untranslated, but, this being an English-market release, I think it’s a bit irresponsible to assume your reader base is familiar enough with Japanese culture or other manga releases to know what it means. Not a problem for me, since I’m a super-nerd, but hey, gotta think about the common people too!

I’m definitely glad to have a way to support this franchise, especially in English, so I hope this is just a preview of things to come. I am definitely interested in the Index light novels, since I’m fascinated by the world it depicts, so I hope they get picked up soon, especially considering (according to Wikipedia), the first “series” was ended with the 24th book and Kamachi Kazuma has started a second series (titled “New Testament”).