hd asagi: the details

Now that I’ve had a chance to unlock HD Asagi and use her in battle, here are the details.

  • Natural Evility – Bullet Set: Execute one additional normal attack when gun is equipped. Functions as Attack +1 if she’s got a gun. 100% chance, too, unlike the Magic Knight’s Echo Evility.
  • Learned Evility – Flying Bullets: Attack range is limitless when gun equipped. So you like the flexibility of bows, but you also like the range on guns? Introducing HD Asagi: bringing back Disgaea 1 guns.
  • Learned Evility – Close-up Shot: Damage dealt to adjacent unit increased by 50% when gun is equipped. Basically improves counterattacks against melee units and makes your specials more powerful if you’re standing next to your target.
  • 3 new unique skills! Assault Storm is reminiscent of Cameo Star, Deadly Hurdle is a play on those lock & load arcade games, and Heroine Chant… was not memorable enough for me to describe right now :X
  • SD Asagi and HD Asagi do *not* share levels, equipment, boosts, etc. If you want to switch, don’t forget to unequip the existing one!

Deadly Hurdle is definitely my favorite skill, possibly out of all the skills in the game… although Glorious Hitter is pretty damn awesome. I love the victory skip-dance on the last stretch :P


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