so close!

For those who haven’t heard, due to some not-so-subtle social media publicity, Infinity War is coming out on April 27 worldwide, instead of waiting until May 4 in the US!


i’ll just leave this here


full daredevil trailer… 31 days to go!

io9 posted the full Daredevil trailer today, and it looks quite awesome. I have a free Netflix trial sitting in my e-mail that I’m saving for this :3

Also, Spider-Gwen issue 2 goes on sale tomorrow. I’d really love to pick up this variant cover, but the odds of me going to multiple stores looking for it are pretty low :X maybe I’ll luck out again, heh.

Spider-Gwen issue 2 variant


so much marvel

Been a week, but here are a couple more videos teasing upcoming MCU projects!

A short glimpse at both Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron, new footage for both.

…and a clip from Marvel’s Agent Carter, which will be airing in Agents of SHIELD’s time slot over the winter break!

In other news, I recently got Tears to Tiara II. The prologue is… really, really long, and there are only a couple battles, but there is a point where the story gets incredibly interesting. I look forward to playing it more!


monster kill!

Got a camcorder recording of the Infinity War reveal yesterday at the guerrilla panel:

Should also plug Agents of SHIELD, which was excellent last night. io9 has a good spoilered review posted, but I wanted to offer some of my thoughts as well. Spoilers ahead!

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combo x3

Might as well continue the streak of Marvel posts ;X

Here is the Age of Ultron teaser that aired with tonight’s episode of Agents of SHIELD. Link courtesy of io9!