ffxiv digital sales resumed!


For those who didn’t preorder or were lucky enough to get a shipped copy, the wait is over! FFXIV digital sales are back up, so if you’re interested in checking out the game, now is the time! Before they go down again! :)




a look at crafting in ffxiv

Through the world...

So today, I was exploring Northern Thanalan when all of a sudden all in-game sounds stopped. I also ran into an invisible wall. After evading the wall somehow, I proceeded to fall through the world and ended up dead, as seen above. When I clicked to resurrect at my Return location, I got stuck at the black loading screen then crashed. Since then, I’ve been stuck at “This World is currently full. Please wait until an opening is available and try again.” Gee thanks, Square-Enix, I’m totally ecstatic that you’re going to inform me when there is an opening and I can try again! Not to mention I did get the below once, which made me explode with WHY THE F DO YOU HAVE A QUEUE IF IT KICKS ME OUT ANYWAY!!! Because sense.


Anyway, since I can’t play the game, I figured I’d compile some notes here on the crafting system in FFXIV, since it’s really quite intricate and rewards careful thought and planning.

I don’t have exposure to a lot of MMOs, the ones I’ve played extensively are World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, so I can only compare to those games. I’ll go into detail after the jump.

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the gaming table

Posting a picture of the table I use for household gaming while also showing off my purchases from today.

The Gaming Table

Not sure who reads this, or if I’m technically allowed to post this or not, but Fantasy Flight Games will be doing a Netrunner tour around the country, I suppose? They will be visiting my local board game store I’m Board! in Middleton, WI, on October 18, doing demos and having giveaways and stuff. With Alan moving out to Seattle and no one else particularly interested in Netrunner, as well as the plethora of video games I’m playing or will have to play, I’ll probably try to get rid of my set, but, in general, Netrunner is a cool game, so check it out if you’re interested!

In other news, Square-Enix decided to cut off access to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn last night unless you have a serial number associated with your account. Turns out Amazon only just shipped my copy yesterday as well, so I shall be suffering withdrawal for a couple days :( Sorry Cameron, you’ll have to corner the crafting market without me! But save me all the Aldgoat Skins!!!