Cute show about a high school video gaming club. The “twist” is actually pretty interesting, so I will be following the show. Streaming on Thursdays on Crunchyroll. Granblue Fantasy homage! :o

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Rising Sunfish!

a day of good news

So I’ll lead off with less news and just remarks. Boku no Hero Academia anime is in the sports festival arc, and just like the first season, they’ve perfectly capture the spectacle and excitement of the manga. A lot of fun to watch! Granblue Fantasy has also aired its first episode following the anime-preview double-episode from January, and it’s looking great. Obviously, events in the anime are changed from how they play out in the game, but I think they adapted it well.

So, what exciting things were announced today at SakuraCon? First, Aniplex has announced that it’s translating and releasing Fate/Grand Order in the US this summer!

Here’s the English announcement trailer (which is simply the original announcement trailer with English subs :x):

For any current Fate/GO players, this is an entirely new server, so there is no option to transfer your Japanese account over. Unfortunate, but they have announced that the original audio will be used, everything will just be translated, and there will even be US-exclusive Servants. Whether this means the game will eventually come to other regions is unknown at this point. I’m happy to be able to experience the story in English, though, even if I can’t have my current JP progress :)

Second, Yen Press has announced licenses for new titles, and 2 of them are must-preorders for me.

Can you guess what they are? Check after the jump ;)

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overlord season 2 announced


So, the Overlord anime got a couple compilation movies. The original anime adaptation depicted novels 1-3, and the movies recapped novels 1 and 2 with some new footage. At the end of movie 2, they included an announcement video revealing a second season of the anime!

The third Overlord novel, titled The Bloody Valkyrie, was the final arc in the anime adaptation and was released by Yen Press in January of this year. The manga adaptation in Japan is currently on book 4, which is slated for an English release on May 23.

Recently, I’ve been reading online translation of the novel “Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu,” which roughly translates to “A Moon-Led Journey in Another World.” It’s been very addicting, and it’s actually got a lot in common with Overlord. Both involve “regular” Japanese people who are suddenly transported to another world and have to deal with the responsibilities and ramifications of tremendous power. The big split is that Overlord’s Momonga appears to be slowly losing his humanity and knowingly puts himself and Nazarick opposite the powers of the world. Conversely, Misumi Makoto goes through a more stereotypical teenager’s journey, trying to find his place while continually learning more about himself and the world, and making mistakes along the way, while the world tries to figure out how to deal with there all of a sudden being a new faction with the power of a country.

What I really like about Tsuki ga Michibiku is that its world is set up to be very complicated. There are 5 major countries, an alliance of 4 human countries waging war with the demon race, but it’s very clear that neither side is really in the right. Makoto’s faction clearly shows itself to be a force that can turn the tide either way, but he refuses to take part, so unknowingly becomes the lynchpin behind the war. Whichever country can manipulate him best, or foresee how his allies might act, can gain a tremendous foothold in the war, but Makoto himself just keeps kind of doing his own thing. He clearly grows tremendously throughout the story too, as he finds out that some of his beliefs can be defended while others are just completely at odds with the logic of this new world.

I’m really looking forward to the next Overlord book, since it’s going into new material, and the new anime season which does the same. I do hope Tsuki ga Michibiku gets some attention to maybe get an official English release, as it’s a very good read with great characters and development.

what’s the deal with heaven’s feel?

Heaven's Feel poster

Fate is one of my favorite franchises. It’s solid action on top of hardcore conspiracy and worldbuilding on an epic scale. It also includes a few story themes that a lot of people can identify with: fighting to protect something or gain something, striving to remain true to oneself, dealing with past regrets and fear of the future.

I was first exposed to Fate/stay night through the original anime series produced by Studio DEEN in 2006. In hindsight, it was a very poor adaptation compared to the original work and subsequent adaptations. However, it still was a good portrayal of the basic storyline:

Regular (?) teen Emiya Shirou accidentally stumbles on a secret death contest, the Grail War, where magically adept Masters control heroic, historical incarnations, Servants, in order to obtain the Holy Grail and have a wish granted. Shirou himself somehow ends up becoming the 7th Master and summoning his own Servant, and he’s forced to participate in the war just to stay alive. As the war progresses, powerful secrets and disturbing revelations come out, forcing Shirou’s hand in order to protect what’s most dear to him.

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winter 2015 anime

So I didn’t write a post about anime for this current season, probably too busy with being out of town for the holidays or Monster Hunter or something. I figure a midseason review is as good a time as any. I can discuss shows I’ve dropped, too.

Durarara!! x2 episode 5

I can definitely say that, due to my current obsession with Monster Hunter, I did drop more shows than I expected to, probably because I just spend less time on anime so things that I might cruise through because I have time to kill get abandoned if they aren’t captivating enough.

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fall 2014 anime – midpoint reflections

EDIT: Totally forgot about Akatsuki no Yona! Added into the review.

All right, with the various anime series hitting episode 6-7 now, we have reached the halfway point! Time to see how my predictions went.


First, a quick recap of what I thought I would be watching:

Amagi Brilliant Park – yep
Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo – interesting enough not to drop
Denki-Gai no Honya-san – eh, never felt inclined to watch past episode 1
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – obv
Garo: Honoo no Kokuin – never picked it up, though I might circle back to it sometime
Grisaia no Kajitsu – got halfway through the first episode and just never revisited it. I do hear it’s good, though.
Hitsugi no Chaika 2 – aww yeah
Inou-Battle – hell yeah!
Karen Senki – /vomit, wasn’t worth the time it took to watch the first episode
Log Horizon 2 – good times
Madan no Ou to Vanadis – great show!
Nanatsu Taizai – great adaptation!
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – amazing show
SHIROBAKOU – I hear it’s pretty good, but never got around to it
Sora no Method – wasn’t particularly impressed with ep 1
Trinity Seven – semi-dropped; the quality is so bad, but I still half watch it in case it gets better
Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete – never tried it
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – I liked ep 1 pretty well, but haven’t gotten around to watching more yet

More after the jump!

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