lots of news and pics

Not for anything particularly exciting, but I started my new job last week and got bunch of new stuff to share pictures of!


First, the Ar noSurge LE that I haven’t opened but my plan to play it has moved up significantly since I saw the item synthesis video.

Next, I grabbed the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game second base set while I was at Guardian Games on Friday. Also haven’t played it yet since we’re planning to play Mage Knight first, but soon!


Relatedly, the Class Decks will be coming out next week after numerous delays, which signals the advent of the PFACG Organized Play program, AKA Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild. I called up Rainy Day Games and found out that they’re planning to start it on Friday October 10th. Excited! Hopefully there’s enough interest to keep it going, since I really enjoy the game.

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new personal japanese project

Maou-sama Chotto Sore Totte!!

So, a long time ago, I had the pompous idea to re-scanlate D-FRAG! while teaching myself Japanese. Yeah, that project never really got anywhere. Someone else also started doing the same thing and actually got a few chapters released.

I did discover that Haruno Tomoya has another ongoing series that’s not currently being scanlated, though. The title is “Maou-sama Chotto Sore Totte!!,” which has been Engrishly translated as “Hey! Miss Satan Taking It!” I found the first volume and decided that I was going to put my WWWJDIC/ZhongWen.com/Paint skills to good use, pretend I know what I’m doing, and do some scanlating in my free time. Since I have pretty much zero formal Japanese training and like a couple hours of typesetting experience, I have no idea how long it will take to complete the first chapter (Chapter 0), so stay tuned!

There is like a 73% chance I’ll end up dropping this personal project from forgetfulness/busy doing other stuff, too. But! As flimsy proof of the compulsive commitment I made last night at midnight, here is the first page!


(Apparently this manga is about ping-pong and sporks.)

takanashi / kotoriasobi

Not a new thing, but I didn’t know enough Japanese language or culture when I first watched Working!! or Black Rock Shooter, so I didn’t realize this tidbit of information until I rewatched BRS the other day, and I remembered now so I felt like blogging about it :P

The name 小鳥遊 in both Working!! and BRS is pronounced “Takanashi,” even though the characters are literally “kotori asobi” (“xiao4 niao4 you2” in Pinyin) which means “little birds playing.” Takanashi Yomi in BRS explains to Mato the meaning behind the pronunciation: “There are ‘no hawks’ where ‘little birds play’.” Perhaps I’ve been brainwashed by my high school English teacher, since we always went over the history of vocabulary in class, but I love this kind of language stuff, particularly since it’s unique to character-based languages and not really something found in letter-based languages, so it’s one of the first times I’ve been exposed to it.

To go a little more in-depth, “taka” means “hawk” or “falcon.” The suffix “nashi” means “without” or otherwise signifies a lack of the noun it’s modifying. For example, “Otonashi” from Angel Beats means “no sound.”

Why did I all of a sudden remember to make this post? I was rereading Skip Beat (since it’s awesome like that) and went past the areas where they explain Kyoko’s name (Kyoko is commonly written in Hiragana きょうこ but Skip Beat’s Kyoko is written in kanji 京子), and was musing to myself about Japanese names, then remembered about Working!! and BRS. Stream of consciousness enough for you? :)