i enjoy showing off stuff


I got new stuff today! I made a “stuff I don’t want to wait for a sale to buy” purchase, and for some reason the package arrived in my city on Friday, but they did not try to send it out Saturday, so I only got it today :( not too important, though, since I did have a full weekend docket anyway.

I did get Final Fantasy Explorers last week, though, which has been occupying… less of my time than I thought it would, mostly because my other friends did not get it right away or have been busy so I feel less rushed to play it immediately. That same day, I also got the final omnibus of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer! Always a great read, and the ending still gets me.


Aside from this stuff, I’ve been spending most of my time in Diablo 3, with Season 5. My witch doctor was able to clear a rank 60 Greater Rift, and I’m hoping to finish the season journey, but I have been having the worst luck trying to get an ancient weapon for any of the good end-game builds :/ conversely, my demon hunter rolled a 8% damage, 12 discipline ancient Yang’s Recurve on the second legendary upgrade, so I facepalmed pretty hard.

first package of 2016!

Well, technically this was delivered on December 30, 2015, but since I was out of the state until yesterday I just got it today. Trails of Cold Steel!

Lionheart Edition

Lionheart Edition contents

I was lazy and didn’t want to move my lamps around, so you’ll have to suffer the odd lighting. Anyway! Over my long vacation, I started Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter. I’m currently at 17 hours, just cutting my teeth into chapter 3. So far, it’s been a really great game, there’s a little bit of ham-handedness to explain why you aren’t as super powerful as you were at the end of First Chapter (“There are these new orbment frames that require completely new orbments! Darn! But you have to use them!”), but overall it’s been incredible as a sequel.

The first game was more of a random romp through the kingdom, picking up seeds of conspiracy and culminating in a big event at the end. This second game hones in to the cause of that event and has you directly pursuing a directive. This works so well because of how the focus has completely changed, so it feels less like recycling old content and more like something genuinely new.

here’s my last rightstuf package for 2015!


Here it is, my last package of the year! Technically the Red Saber figure is from yesterday, and actually from Saturday I just didn’t bother getting it from my apartment office, but still, it counts! :P

So yeah, there’s the standard LN updates: the last volume of Spice & Wolf, Phantom Bullet part 2, DanMachi 4, Hataraku Maou 3, and I also picked up DuRaRaRa!! since it was part of the Christmas sale. Of the manga, only The Ancient Magus’s Bride 3 is part of my regular purchases, with the final Lucifer & the Biscuit Hammer omnibus coming at a later time (presumably because it’s out of stock?!). Pandora in the Crimson Shell (which is getting an anime next year), Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary, and the Devil is a Part Timer High School were all ones on sale that I had previously toyed with buying but never felt that inclined. I figure I want to support Seven Seas so I might as well get those volumes, and I like Hataraku Maou enough to get the High School-version manga volumes too. They’re damn thin, though :X

Then, there’s finally my declaration of legal ownership for the Index and Railgun BD/DVDs! Those have definitely been something I’d been on the lookout to buy, just they were never in a price range I could justify until now. Very glad to own them, though. Hopefully Index 3 gets announced at some point!!!

Now to wait until next year’s new stuff starts coming… My Monster Secret (Jitsu wa watashi wa…) will be coming in January already, so I’ll have to get on that :)

buying myself presents all year round


Yay new stuff!

So let’s see… Tokyo Ravens and Girls und Panzer are both RightStuf holiday sale spoils. Tokyo Ravens is a good enough series to want to own. It may not have been executed as well as it could have been, but it has good style, and it tries very hard as opposed to playing it safe. GuP is just something fun to have, and it’s not a visual spectacle so I was fine getting it for $10 on DVD.

Mushoku Tensei is one of an apparent trend I randomly stumbled upon a few months ago of reincarnation stories. Some are of the skeevier “middle-aged otaku dies and randomly becomes a super-smart and mostly well-adjusted child except that he’s super perverted” type (like Mushoku Tensei), but the ones I’m really enjoying are Re:Monster and Spirit Migration, which are more typical shounen, as well as “Eh? Heibon desu yo??”, which is a shoujo about a teenage girl who reincarnates into a medieval world with magic and just tries to live an ordinary life. Mushoku Tensei is, similarly, a middle-aged otaku dies and reincarnates into a baby in a magical, medieval world. He decides to use his previous knowledge to put forth 100% effort into living his new life.

Food Wars is self explanatory, it’s the continuation of the Autumn Election, specifically Souma vs. Alice, followed by Tadokoro vs. Kurokiba and the first part of Hayama vs. Arato. In related news, a second season of Shokugeki no Souma was announced, so we should be getting the entire Autumn Classic arc animated! Exciting stuff!

My last pickup is actually a remainder from an older order, but also an oddity in that it’s actually been out for a few months now, long enough for the second volume to come out, yet it took this long for me to get it. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, or The Rising of the Shield Hero, is a… it’s like a hate read, but not in the sense that I hate it and am reading it anyway the way people hate-watch TV shows. It’s just kind of the opposite of how most traditional fantasy/adventure stories go… usually the hero or adventurer is either received warmly or neutrally, the enemy is the overt evil opposing kingdom or the leaders of the church or other political faction or something. In Shield Hero, the enemy is the very kingdom who gave the main character, Naofumi, his hero status and legendary item in the first place. As such, he does not get to wander around having adventures so much as he’s constantly fighting against the law and against discrimination. It’s a story about how easily the law and popular opinion can be turned against you when people in power decide you are a threat. I have been reading the manga adaptation, so I am looking forward to seeing how the novel is. I have heard, however, that One Peace’s translations are rather bad, so hope I can still get through it :X

Next week or the week of Christmas I should be getting another package with the next batch of Yen Press’s light novels (DanMachi, Hataraku Maou) along with some of Seven Seas newer releases that I missed preordering (The Ancient Magus’s Bride, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer). Those will be readily consumed, probably on the plane I’m taking to visit my family for the holidays :)

magic puzzle bore

Wizards of the Coast and whatever partners developed this game just released Magic Puzzle Quest. As a Magic player and a fan of Puzzle & Dragons, I gave it a shot.

Full disclosure, my first puzzle mobage was PAD, so I am very used to the “move a piece as much as you want within the time limit” style game. Terra Battle was an easy transition since it’s the same concept. I tried out Pokémon Shuffle and, while it was a lot less exciting to do swap 1 instead of move 1 and displace everything you move through, it was still acceptable.

Magic Puzzle Quest is displace 1. You are allowed to move 1 piece vertically or horizontally by 1 space, swapping it with the piece that’s there. That is the gist of the game. There’s some bullshit with summoning creatures and using special abilities, but I didn’t bother doing any more of the tutorial after finding out how pointless this game is. The board is like 8×12 or something, with all 5 colors of Magic represented, and each turn you are allowed to make one piddly move.

I finished only the first “puzzle” of the tutorial. I then force-quit and uninstalled the app. Not even worth my time to see what else the game does.

now that’s a remake

Final Fantasy VII: Remake trailer from Playstation Experience 2015!

A little offputting to know that I can’t just faceroll my way through the mechanics in order to experience the new story, but this looks pretty great and I’m definitely fine with a new experience making things fresh again.