jessica jones: binge complete!


Well, just finished the entirety of the Jessica Jones Netflix show. I watched 1 episode at midnight on Thursday night, 6 more after work that evening, then the final 6 throughout today.

Overall, another great series. It helps that the original comic of renown was already targeting adult audiences, but still, this was a strong entry that featured some very different content than Daredevil did. Mainly, there are very few real fights, and it’s more of a character study with the main genre being something closer to a mystery. It’s rather great to have a mystery where you’re less concerned with who the perpetrator is and more on how to bring him down.

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jessica jones prep: complete


Unfortunately, I have not been working on my story. I know, it’s bad, I should really be consistent so I can really stretch my writing ability… but Jessica Jones comes out tomorrow! I’ve been preoccupied rewatching Daredevil :X which I finished again yesterday, so preparations are complete! I think I’m much more pumped for JJ because of how amazing DD was… and I have to hold myself back until I get home from work tomorrow or I’ll never go to sleep :O

Above, you can see my latest Yen Press package. I had to read Nozaki-kun, hence why the cover is already bent, which is pretty annoying and I don’t recall having that kind of problem with American books… I’m continuing to collect Index, Accel World, and NGNL even though I haven’t read a single one of YP’s releases yet… I finished DanMachi 3 last week and now I’m reading Hataraku Maou-sama 2 now.

Next will be SAO: Progressive 3 followed by Log Horizon 3. That would catch me up with the series I want to actively be caught up on. Isolator 2 comes out early next year, so in between I’m either going to start a new series (Strike the Blood 1 is tempting since I can be “caught up” after just 1 book) or just start blasting through Spice & Wolf, since that will also finish early next year so I could be done at the same time. I also still need to read The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya, but I can’t remember how the last book went except for it did a split/multi-dimension story and that continues in this book, so I think I really want to re-read Dissociation first, which is at my parents’ house :/

Well, Thanksgiving is next weekend, so unless I go party (hah) out in Beaverton or Washougal or something, I might hole up and just watch TV shows or read. I do hope to do more writing, but the priority is most definitely Jessica Jones this weekend :)

story update + fate pocky!


I have updated my story, which is available from the page links in the top right. I made some minor grammar/flow edits to the first part, but you can read just the new content from the jump here.

This picture is half of the RPS damage cycle in Fate/Grand Order. Think of it like Pokémon typing, except that each Servant only has 1 Class so it’s more simple. The other half is Rider >> Caster >> Assassin >> Rider. Berserker deals and takes extra damage from every class. There are a couple unique classes in Fate/GO too; Shielder has zero advantage or disadvantage, and the only Shielder is one of your starting Servants and the focus of the main story. Ruler takes reduced damage from all classes except Berserker but has no offensive bonus.

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Another package has arrived! All manga this time, although I did take advantage of RightStuf’s Yen Press sale and preorder a bunch of stuff from the November 17 release.

Mostly just filling releases I missed that were less important to me, although Food Wars! is a series I like enough I should probably preorder. The spotlight shines on Twin Star Exorcists, which is Sukeno Yoshiaki’s work following Binbougami-ga! I was out of then country when the first volume released so I got lazy, but definitely had every intention of picking them up. I do still plan on getting all of BBG’s French releases, though that might take a while if I’m only ever going to get more whenever I’m actually in France, haha (it’s kind of ridiculous how much more expensive books are in Switzerland >_> like seriously…).

What else is new with me… I am rewatching Daredevil to psych myself up for Jessica Jones; I can do 2-3 episodes every couple days with a couple skips and easily finish before November 20. Not sure if I already mentioned it or not, but I’ve been fairly active with the Fate/Grand Order wikia, which is mainly a great excuse for me to do some amateur translation work. It’s been fun, but also a time sink. I’m focusing mostly on Fate/GO these days, but still keeping up with PAD and doing some Terra Battle as well.

I’ll work on more story probably tomorrow after my shows air. Got mangas to read, after all!

a story

I always mean to post more on my blog and usually it results in me posting less, heh.

I’ve been kicking story ideas around in my head for a year or so now. I initially wanted to write a whole book’s worth, but I figure maybe I should start small, like web novels such as SAO or something. If I can write a few paragraphs a week and post them, maybe I’ll have something cool by the end, plus it’s better to get my ideas into some kind of “final” stage instead of forever mulling over them and thinking and rethinking.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes!

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aka jessica jones

The successor to Daredevil on Netflix is coming soon…

David Tennant’s Purple Man is awesome in this trailer, reminds me a lot of Sylar from Heroes. And since this is Marvel, they’ll handle it right instead of ruining the ending because “fans love him!”