and here’s what came in today

rs75So with the catchup done, here’s what came in today!

For long-running series, we have Skip Beat 30 and Nisekoi 15-16. Hataraku Maou High School is just kind of a fun thing to own, I like the LN/anime so much that I’m willing to support the spinoff manga, which is pretty funny in its own right.

So what are the highlights? First, Haikyu!! is one of my favorite newer shounen series. It’s not super original or anything, but I really like that it feels more like a shounen adventure story that just happens to be volleyball instead of, say, slaying dragons or roaming the countryside. The energy is always high, and the characters are all distinct with varied personalities and agendas. Production IG did an amazing job on the anime (season 3 this fall!), so I’m happy the series is getting enough exposure to earn a North American manga pickup :)

The Ancient Magus’s Bride (I disagree with the lack of additional S, but that’s neither here nor there ;P) is definitely one of Seven Seas’s standout hits. While it’s not a long-running popular hit like Naruto/Bleach/Titans/Tokyo Ghoul, (almost?) every volume has been listed on the top 10 best sellers for the week it released. I love the art and the pure sense of wonder that Yamazaki conveys in the series, something that tends to get lost in the more popular shounen series. I think One Piece does a decent job at retaining the wonder as well, but it’s just so high-energy that Magus’s Bride more reserved, focused style of wonder is distinct enough to distinguish itself.

I have a feeling that Kamachi Kazuma didn’t quite intend Shokuhou Misaki to be as big a part of the Railgun spinoff as she is, but her character was so immediately magnetic and interesting that he kind of rolled with the punches and gave her more spotlight. Because if he actually planned for it, that does not bode well for my wallet if he continues putting out quality characters in his work. Volume 11 of A Certain Scientific Railgun kicks off a new arc and immediately brings back Shokuhou as Misaka’s not-so-friendly rival, though that does get a bit sidelined by Shirai and Uiharu’s short adventure and the exploration of the new MacGuffin, the Indian Poker cards. As, again, I follow the scanlations, I know this arc gets pretty involved, and Shokuhou definitely plays a major part, so I eagerly await the official releases! The one unfortunate thing of Seven Seas catching up to the Japanese releases is how much gap there is between releases :( however, in this case, it was a good thing, since I definitely didn’t remember one piece in volume 11 connecting to the current Japanese chapters…!

Finally, a short word regarding Twin Star Exorcists. I hate the anime. It makes the manga look bad. But the manga is pretty great. Read the manga. Don’t stain your mind with the anime. Please.