tell me, what means this?

Just got an e-mail from Atlus with this subject line:

Demon’s Souls North American online support extended through at least March 2011; World Tendency shifts to Pure White in celebration

Since I’ve only beaten like 3 levels, I have no idea what this means >_> but apparently the game is “slightly easier” and they made “otherwise inaccessible items and areas open to current players.” Does this mean I get shafted if I don’t beat the game before March of next year? zomgz

EDIT: Added link to Atlus forums.

shetgds update: sigh, farming

So I haven’t posted any declarations of victory or rage in the last couple of days. Why is this? The second level of the Stonefang Tunnels is so ridiculous that I ran away to the archstone, warped back to the Nexus, turned off my PS3, and went to the bathroom to slit my wrists.

No seriously, I was chasing a crystal lizard and ran into 2 berserker soldier things with giant shields and maces, and they clubbed me to death. It’s really hard to kill things when there are two of them who both dodge and block and hit me for 80% of my health. Next, I tried going down the other path, and ran into swarms of like 6 lizard men. Apparently they only take damage from pierce weapons. So, I pierce one for like 30% of its health, and the other 5 punch me for death% of my health. Good tradeoff.

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shetgds: armor spider swatted!

Time for another installment of SHETGDS! This time, I ventured into Stonefang Tunnels, after finding out that I can’t advance any further in Boletarian Palace until I defeat the Archdemon or something. This was a mine level, complete with levers turning on crude wooden elevators and zombie miners and/or lizard men (it was dark, I couldn’t really tell…). Remember how I was complaining about my stupid piercing strong attack? Turns out these trash mobs are weak to pierce, so my Broad Sword +2 was my new best friend :3 this level also introduced the crazy clown magician. He can see you from about 30 yards away even with the Thief Ring and shoots fireballs at you. He’s also got a nasty physical attack if you get close and don’t back away quick enough.

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tower knight toppled: shetgds next level clear!

After a billion deaths on my wanderer on this boss, I got sick of it and didn’t touch my PS3 for a few days. Yesterday, I decided to roll a soldier to see if the armor and health might help. The soldier starts with a slower sword with a pierce instead of a slash for its strong attack, which was kind of annoying. She (I made mine female) also failed at Intro to Martial Arts and crashes and burns whenever you try to roll. At least you can break carts and barrels while rolling, which is a plus. Granted, I never actually tried on my wanderer, but I hadn’t noticed the sound of splintering wood before, so I just assumed he was too wussy to do it.

I’ve also decided to abbreviate “Super Hard Evil Trap Game Demon’s Souls” as you see in the title. SHETGDS. Clever, if I may say so myself.

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stage 1 of super hard evil trap game demon’s souls: clear!

Finally beat the first level of Demon’s Souls, after much blood, sweat, tears, and broken controllers. If only warriors and bear druids in WoW could play this game; it builds up rage like a beaver on steroids, if dams were made of rage. The bridge with the crossbowmen and the dragon swooping down with the burnination wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. It also helped that I noticed the ledge where the soldier guy was, and that shortcut felt easier than going the “right” way, although in hindsight I think they were about equal. I just get a decoy in this case.

I accidentally rejected the Monumental’s request for me to save the world… whoops. Hope it doesn’t come back to bite me later :o