spoils of war (a.k.a. i bought stuff)


So this was a weekend of spending. On Saturday, I went to IKEA and got much-needed furniture for my apartment. I got a wire storage shelf that acts as a poor-man’s dresser for my closet since I don’t want to buy dozens of hangers again. I also bought a small table with hinged flaps that transform it into a medium table, along with a couple pine chairs. Next day, I spent the afternoon in Oregon doing shopping before heading to my friend’s house to hang out for the night. Above, you can see that I got Krispy Kreme (yum), stopped by Powell Books and got Ms. Marvel volume 2 on sale, which I had been meaning to get at some point anyway. At Kinokuniya, I happened upon Yozakura Quartet 2 at 50% off, so I obligingly went for another Yasuda Suzuhito purchase with a Durarara!! artbook I happened to notice. I then stopped by Rainy Day Games and got a bunch of stuff, a 2-player cooperative tower defense card game called Sylvion that’s quite fun and has nice art, a couple HABA games, and PFACG Skulls & Shackles Adventure Deck 2 (since my Paizo subscription for some reason skipped it).


Then, today, one of my RightStuf orders came in, the “in stock and available” sale purchase I made last week. Continuing my collections of Nisekoi, SAO Progressive manga, and DanMachi, and starting out with Trinity Seven, Hataraku Maou-sama, and SAO Progressive proper. I’m actually quite excited to read SAO:P, since Aincrad is what defined SAO but, in the grand scheme, it was merely a prelude in the main series. I look forward to Kawahara giving it more attention this time around!

spider-gwen galore!

So I have been very delinquent in providing blog updates. What’s gone on in the last 2 months? Mainly, I cleaned my old apartment and moved to a new one that’s closer to work, which took place over most of the month of April. Shortly after getting settled in, I flew out to Madison to hang out with my old friends and go see Age of Ultron. Very enjoyable movie, though, when given time to compare it to previous Marvel features, it’s probably not near the top, unfortunately.

After that, I’ve been sick for the last week now, which is super frustrating. It’s finally starting to really go away today, though, so hopefully I’ll be at full strength for the work week.

Anyway, since I decided I needed more things to throw money at, I’ve started collecting Spider-Gwen variant covers. I’m at least restricting myself to only the ones I like instead of going for them all, but it’s still pretty expensive :X I just got an order from Midtown Comics today, so here is my current collection. This includes the Spider-Verse trades that I ordered:

spidergwen1 spidergwen2

spidergwen3 spidergwen4

So, in the first picture is the Edge of the Spider-verse #2 where we are first introduced to Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman. This is the issue I picked up from Other Worlds Games in Beaverton, and it happens to be a first edition, which is currently at about $100 on Midtown Comics. In other words, I could probably get $40-50 easy if I tried to resell it; not bad for a $4 investment! The other books in the picture are the Edge of the Spider-verse and Spider-verse Prelude trade paperbacks.

The second picture displays Spider-Gwen #1 and variant covers I’ve currently obtained. The top-left is the standard cover. Top-right is the Kirs Anka 1:25 variant, which means 1 copy was printed for every 25 copies of the standard cover. Bottom-left is the Skottie Young variant, and bottom-right is the J Scott Campbell Midtown Comics-exclusive variant.

The third picture is all Spider-Gwen #2 variants. Top-left is the standard cover, second printing because I was lazy and didn’t make it out to a comic book store for a while. Top-right is the Jerome Opena Dynamic Forces variant cover, of which only 3000 copies were printed. Bottom-left is the Sara Pichelli 1:25 variant, and bottom-right is the Mike Deodato Midtown Comics-exclusive variant.

Last, we have the standard covers for Spider-Gwen #3 and 4, as well as the NYC Themed variant of #4. I didn’t really want any of the #3 variants :X My #4 standard has a weird blot/printing error on the right side of her skirt, not sure if I care enough to get a cleaner copy… I’ll probably just not care, though at $4 it’s probably cheap enough to get just another copy. We’ll see.

Up next, issue #5 releases on June 3rd, and I’m thinking of picking up the Books-a-Million variant. I still want to hunt down some #1 variants, too, primarily the Jerome Opena variant, the Jason Latour Heroes variant, the Newbury Comics exclusive, the Hastings exclusive, and the La Mole Comic Convention exclusive. I’ve been using Ellie Egleton’s blog to track what variants are available.