lots of news and pics

Not for anything particularly exciting, but I started my new job last week and got bunch of new stuff to share pictures of!


First, the Ar noSurge LE that I haven’t opened but my plan to play it has moved up significantly since I saw the item synthesis video.

Next, I grabbed the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game second base set while I was at Guardian Games on Friday. Also haven’t played it yet since we’re planning to play Mage Knight first, but soon!


Relatedly, the Class Decks will be coming out next week after numerous delays, which signals the advent of the PFACG Organized Play program, AKA Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild. I called up Rainy Day Games and found out that they’re planning to start it on Friday October 10th. Excited! Hopefully there’s enough interest to keep it going, since I really enjoy the game.

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the gaming table

Posting a picture of the table I use for household gaming while also showing off my purchases from today.

The Gaming Table

Not sure who reads this, or if I’m technically allowed to post this or not, but Fantasy Flight Games will be doing a Netrunner tour around the country, I suppose? They will be visiting my local board game store I’m Board! in Middleton, WI, on October 18, doing demos and having giveaways and stuff. With Alan moving out to Seattle and no one else particularly interested in Netrunner, as well as the plethora of video games I’m playing or will have to play, I’ll probably try to get rid of my set, but, in general, Netrunner is a cool game, so check it out if you’re interested!

In other news, Square-Enix decided to cut off access to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn last night unless you have a serial number associated with your account. Turns out Amazon only just shipped my copy yesterday as well, so I shall be suffering withdrawal for a couple days :( Sorry Cameron, you’ll have to corner the crafting market without me! But save me all the Aldgoat Skins!!!

hooray for new things!

FTV Realms came in on Friday! This was probably the FTV I’d been anticipating the most; aside from Relics, none of the others were particularly exciting to me. In related Magic news, PAX Prime had a ton of spoilers for Return to Ravnica, which you can browse at your pleasure at MTG Salvation.

I also got Android: Infiltration a couple weeks ago, but forgot to take a picture while we played it for the first time. I brought it with me to Scherping’s place over the weekend, though, so I was able to snap a shot of it in action, though it probably won’t mean anything to someone who hasn’t played it :) For your information, I’m at the bottom, Scherping is on the left, Gaurin is on the right, and Lysa is across. She’s the timer girl :X

lords of waterdeep

I had the opportunity to play the new Dungeons and Dragons-themed Euro-game, Lords of Waterdeep, tonight with some friends on our so-called game night. The quick verdict: lots of thinking, lots of planning, less interaction that I’d have imagined, overall a very fun game and easy to learn.

Lords of Waterdeep uses a static, generally unchanging board and concepts of resource and time/space management. Each player starts out with 2 Intrigue cards (special one-use effects), 2 Quests (turn in resources for victory points or other rewards), some amount of gold, and a Lord, a hidden bonus that is only revealed to other players at the end of the game. The game is played over 8 rounds, with each player starting with 2 actions per round and going to 3 actions starting in the 5th round. Players take turn placing their Agents, game pieces, on one of many locations on the board. Most locations provide a reward, either one of 4 types of resources (Adventurers), gold, additional Intrigue or Quest cards, or even priority for the next round. There is also a Building Hall location, where you can spend gold to erect a building, which becomes a new location with generally more lucrative rewards. If other players place their pieces on your building, you get a small reward as well.

When the game first starts, there are only 4 locations that provide Adventurers, so they are high in demand. You can expect the priority marker to change often in the first few rounds, as players fight over specific Adventurer types. However, as you approach the mid- and late-game, it becomes increasingly more important to track what quests other players are aiming to complete and monitor what Adventurers they are collecting. Since most Lords provide a victory point bonus for completing certain types of quests, the ability to keep track of what quest types other players are doing can be a great asset in calculating your chances of victory.

We only played 2 games tonight, so I definitely look forward to playing Lords of Waterdeep some more and figuring out more sophisticated strategies.