i’ve realized that i’m not really cut out for blogging

Thor Ragnarok: Slaves

Well, it’s been a month since my last extremely short post. What has happened in between? Let’s take a look into my boring life.

As usual, I’m still playing Fate/Grand Order, both the JP and EN versions. JP recently celebrated the 3rd anniversary, so there were some neat collectible Craft Essences you could get. You can see pictures of them all here. We found out that the new summer Servants will be Jeanne d’Arc, Ibaraki-Douji, and Ushiwakamaru, but still no word on exactly when the new summer event will be starting. Meanwhile in EN, the first summer event is about 10 days in, and I’ve finished clearing out the shop, so just waiting for part 2 to begin (in 7.5 hours) so I can roll for Artoria Archer :v

I got a bunch of books a couple weeks ago, so I’ve been working through those as well. I was very happy with Didn’t I Say to Make my Abilities Average in the Next Life?!, though Seven Seas could really use a better proofreader since I caught at least 2 instances of the wrong name being used when an action or line clearly should have been attributed to someone else. Accel World 14 turned out to be another cliffhanger, so now I have to wait for the next book to finish this plotline -.- Kumoko 3 was good, though not much to report on it, just eager to read the next part.

In other LN news, J-Novel Club announced yesterday that they’re picking up Bakarina! The full Japanese title is Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shite shimatta…, or “I reincarnated into an otome game villainess who only gets destruction flags.” This series I super adore, since it’s just completely hilarious but also very heartwarming. The fan translation ended halfway through volume 4, so I’m very happy we’re getting this officially, and JNC’s releases should catch up very quickly!

Anime this season is pretty meh. Planet With, Mizukami Satoshi’s pet project, is super great, and How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord is surprisingly done well, but I’m not really excited about any other series. There are some that I’ve heard are quite good but I just personally haven’t given a shot yet, like HanebadoHarukana Receive, and Grand Blue Dreaming, as well as Cells At Work.

I started rewatching Orphan Black since I was showing it to a friend and got back into it :) I still haven’t watched season 5, so this is a good way to refresh myself on the entire mystery before bidding the series farewell.

Finally, I am hoping to try devoting myself to learning Japanese again and maybe picking up a web novel to translate for practice. Or I might try writing again in general. Or both! Main problem is I spend so much time in front of the computer that I’m starting to really think I should find other hobbies haha.

Anyway, this has been your August 2018 update! I should stop swearing to be better about my blog, since I know I just won’t place that much importance on it haha.

i actually started tearing up…


For a show that regularly shits on all of its characters, it was intense how moving this moment was. Especially because, well, maybe I’m not paying hard enough attention, but it came COMPLETELY out of nowhere to me. Curtis, you really are terrific.

full daredevil trailer… 31 days to go!

io9 posted the full Daredevil trailer today, and it looks quite awesome. I have a free Netflix trial sitting in my e-mail that I’m saving for this :3

Also, Spider-Gwen issue 2 goes on sale tomorrow. I’d really love to pick up this variant cover, but the odds of me going to multiple stores looking for it are pretty low :X maybe I’ll luck out again, heh.

Spider-Gwen issue 2 variant

so much marvel

Been a week, but here are a couple more videos teasing upcoming MCU projects!

A short glimpse at both Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron, new footage for both.

…and a clip from Marvel’s Agent Carter, which will be airing in Agents of SHIELD’s time slot over the winter break!

In other news, I recently got Tears to Tiara II. The prologue is… really, really long, and there are only a couple battles, but there is a point where the story gets incredibly interesting. I look forward to playing it more!

orphan black season 2


So I’m finally getting around to watching Orphan Black season 2 after it’s finished airing. 5 episodes yesterday, finishing off the latter half today. Pretty crazy ride so far. For all the heartstring tugging, though, the one moment that actually almost had me crying was the scene in episode 8 between Cosima and Scott, where he says “It’s an honor to be working with you.” I don’t know, so much is expressed in that single scene, that one look, that one line. Anyway, back to the home stretch, 2 episodes left.

On a side note, I cannot WAIT for this weekend to watch the finale of Penny Dreadful. Not the least because after it ends, io9 is bound to have a highly entertaining but also highly insightful review. If you haven’t heard of it, I do encourage you to check it out, great, short season with a continuation already ordered.

EDIT: OK, I’m like 10 minutes into episode 9 and I have to say- I would totally watch a show solely about Alison and Donnie’s domestic evil shenanigans.

aos 14 – t.a.h.i.t.i.

Agents of SHIELD 14

Regarding the first 13 episodes of Agents of SHIELD, I enjoyed them and liked the series, it kept me interested enough to keep watching, but I never felt a need to really express that beyond casual conversation. Episode 14, though, really propelled the series beyond my reticence.

Spoilers if you aren’t caught up, be warned!

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