ahhhh it’s index 3!

I’m ready.


kaguya-sama anime!

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

It was just a year ago when I was hoping the Kaguya-sama manga would get picked up for English release, now it’s getting an anime! Super exciting!


status update: april 2018


It’s been a while since I posted, so figured I’d write something up!

I kinda burned myself out on Monster Hunter World, so that’s been kind of set to the side while I wait for new content to come out and/or more friends to get the game. In the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of LN/WN reading, and the new anime season just started last week.

Hinamatsuri is my pick for this season so far. Isekai Izayaka “Nobu” is also great, it’s a 10-minute short followed by some real life sequences, which is pretty nice since I can pick up some cooking tips :P Golden Kamui would have been amazing if it didn’t have such outrageously bad CGI. Maybe the second episode will be better, but as is it’s merely watchable. I’m actually quite taken by Uma Musume; it could have been just another cute girls/idol anime, but the production values are quite good, they really downplay the idol stuff right now, and overall it just seems like they tried to put together a really interesting anime rather than just capitalize on the market trends.

Life’s been whatever. I work from home, so I kind of feel like every day is the same since I barely interact with any other people face-to-face. I’m looking into picking up martial arts again; I kind of tried a few times to find a place over the last few years, but nothing ever really looked promising to me. We’ll see how this time goes! My book collection is starting to really get out of hand, since I’m running out of shelf space and just building stacks on the floor, haha.

Still playing Fate/GO, just finished the Da Vinci event (picked up a NP2 Jeanne Alter), now we have a few days “off” until the Fate/Zero Accel collab event begins. I do like redoing these events in English, it feels like I get a lot more since I can both understand the story and also apply my previous knowledge to optimize getting through the events and picking up items I need and stuff. Looking forward to the summer and Prisma Ilya events coming later this year!

In other media, I’m super pumped for Avengers and Westworld coming really soon! I’ll want to do another Westworld rewatch, but not sure if I can manage it since…

This is still in early stages, but I started doing some actual translation! It’s a Japanese web novel with almost 200 chapters out, I’m hoping to get somewhere between 50-100 done before I post anything. It’s been a lot of fun so far. I’m still relying quite heavily on the combination of Google Translate, Jisho, and Thesaurus.com, but there are a lot of words I’m starting to recognize now, and this is also improving my writing skills as I find ways to express things that don’t translate directly into English very well.

I did 4 chapters in about a week, but one of them was super short. I’m hoping to get through 5 chapters a week once I get used to it, pending other events like Dominaria prerelease and relatives visiting, but that means I might have stuff to post in a few months.

Thanks for reading!

mhw: canteen rare ingredients


Since I’m solidly in the Monster Hunter World endgame now, I figure I want to start documenting some stuff into guide-like format for interest/posterity. I do frequent /r/MonsterHunter/, so I get exposed to many of the commonly asked questions, which would frequently benefit from a guide with pictures!

So, to start off, here are the locations for the rare canteen ingredients!

You should be aware of the research point gathering spots on each map, the ones that give you a canteen ingredient from a rare gather? Well, I just found out the other day that there’s an even more rare gather, specifically there is a unique gathering node only when the locale has “Flourishing” or “Upsurge” for that type of node. For example, in Coral Highlands, an “Upsurge: Pearl Oysters” will spawn a unique Pearl Oyster node. Gathering at that node will give you an account item for a new canteen ingredient!

I will update this post as I get more screenshots! Warning that this technically spoils some areas and names if you haven’t unlocked them yet. If you just want a hint for where you find it, you can ignore my description and only use the screenshot, or maybe the minimap on the screenshot :)

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