modern madness

Haven’t posted in a while, which could be due to the extensive amount of time I’ve been spending on Modern research and playtesting. I wasn’t terribly interested in formats other than Standard, simply because I didn’t want to maintain separate pools of cards, but I figured I might try to work on 1-2 decks and just play those whenever there’s an event. The two decks I chose were Melira Pod and UW Tron, both of which are purported to be among the most complicated decks to play in Modern. Yeah, I aim high ;)

Today brought PTQ Barcelona to Misty Mountain in Madison, WI, so I was scrambling to assemble all the cards. The FNM last night had me drafting THE most ridiculous deck (list after the jump), but getting land screwed in match 1 and my opponent getting the magical candy land draw in game 3, so I ended up 2-1 (as opposed to the guy who won in our pod, gets passed a foil Thalia pack 1 pick 3, and opens a Liliana pack 3, just to go with his 6 packs and promo Tectonic Edge… seriously, I never get any breaks :/), and ran around to every person, none of whom had any Chord of Callings.

Thankfully, I had worked out some logistics with Jed (former Wisconsin State Champion! (2011)), and I was able to get some Chords from Ben Rasmussen while lending Gifts Ungiven and Expedition Maps to Jed. I was able to complete UW Tron, so I was going to default to that if I wasn’t able to get the Chords for Melira Pod. There were 140-some players (we got 4-6 inches of snow last night, otherwise I think there would have been way more), so it was 8 rounds cut to top 8. My tournament summary goes WWWLWLLW, 5-3. EDIT: Placed 22nd after Swiss out of 135 players :o

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lincoln playtesting

So I went to Alan’s tonight to do some Modern playtesting with him and Dan C. The main deck being tested was UW Tron, mostly against Boros and Martyr, but there were a couple games of Melira Pod and Scepter Aggro as well. The most interesting card being played was mainly Gifts Ungiven, with some pretty interesting choices being made all around. Alan wanted to run the Unburial Rites package for either Iona or Elesh Norn, which hilariously did end up working “well” when it was in the opening hand and it could be dumped via Thirst for Knowledge. However, the majority vote (Dan & me vs. Alan) was to just take it out since it was ridiculously clunky otherwise. Dan’s Martyr deck worked more like token aggro than anything, but it seems pretty solid. Boros is also just super cheap and deadly with a fair bit of resilience.

Alan is definitely taking UW Tron, though we at least convinced him to get a Repeal back in there, which is very convenient to fetch using Gifts Ungiven. UW Tron was definitely fun to play, so I might pick it up if I can get all the cards for local PTQs and stuff, but I’m not sure if I want to really go for Modern. Since I’m going to start focusing on only a couple decks in Standard vs. having playsets of all cards to play any deck, I might be able to make it work. I guess we’ll see how things go!