four girls and an idol

I haven’t been following the Fall 2011 anime charts yet, so I just found this out now, but it looks like volume 14 of the manga will include a OAD with the animated version of “Four Girls and an Idol,” one of my favorite short arcs in TWGOK! The projected release date appears to be September 14th.

Here’s a fall 2011 anime chart: link.


and that’s a wrap! …for now…

So The World God Only Knows II is over, but there’s no obvious sign of a third season quite yet. During the rolling credits, Elsie runs up to Keima and says “A whole bunch of escaped spirits are coming!” and the camera does a montage of the next 4 captures, Tsukiyo, Minami, Reika, and the spoilerific Tenri. However, this is an open-ended ending, leaving open the possibility of season 3 but giving no assurance to viewers. It’s a common ploy, since all the events of the current season have ended, and they show glimpses of the next arcs from the source material, but it can be seen as a “complete” ending as well. Kind of like a “we’ve done a bunch of the story, but haven’t gotten funding for another season, so here’s a sneak peek at what would’ve come, but if we can’t do it, oh well!”

The episode itself was a mix between original “filler” and extra story from the manga. The first half gives fans a world-first look into Keima’s first encounter with the infamous Yokkyun, which I believe we meet for the first time in the manga when Nora is trying to kill Keima. For non-manga material, they certainly chose well. The second half goes into the original Summer Wars chapter from the manga, where Keima receives an e-mail asking for input on the development of a new dating sim, and he has his imaginary war. As I said before, this makes less sense without the context of The Dawn of Something, especially since the fact that Keima runs a “Capture God blog” with archives on every galge he’s played isn’t really covered in the anime, so it doesn’t actually make sense for a galge company to randomly e-mail Keima. Oh well, still a good but predictable end to the season.

Now, we can only clasp our hands in prayer for a third season to be announced, and for the glorious Goddess arc to finally have a turn in the spotlight!

twgok s2 ep 11

So The World God Only Knows season 2 is quickly approaching its finale with the capture of Nagase Jun! From the preview at the end, the final episode is titled “Summer Wars” (or “Samaa Uozu” if you want to learn katakana), which is interesting since it references chapter 75 of the manga, which was run significantly after the Jun arc (chapter 41). Unless I missed one, here are the other sidestory chapters that haven’t been animated yet prior to chapter 75: Chapter 34 [Demolish the Bricks], Chapter 35 [The Dawn of Something], Chapter 42 [A Demon That’s Tiny = The Little Devil!], and Chapter 56 [Re-“Clean”-ion] (credit to Red Hawk Scans for the chapter titles, not sure if they came in English or what).

I’m not going to search if there’s a synopsis for the final episode, since I’m going to watch it next week anyway, so allow me to just go off on conjecture here. The chapter Summer Wars itself doesn’t really make sense to get animated right now, since The Dawn of Something actually provides part of the background for that chapter. It’s very possible that they’d make it another two-parter, but I feel like the content is pretty bland, so I really hope not. It would be half-fake documentary, half-Keima’s delusions… I would much rather they do Demolish the Bricks or A Demon That’s Tiny, since those are both actual character episodes rather than random rantings. They cannot do Re-“Clean”-ion since it references captures Keima hasn’t performed yet in the anime, otherwise all the other sidestory chapters I cited are either independent or can pretty safely be done now.

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now this is a twgok easter egg!

So I have a certain anime-watching habit, which is to skip the opener and ending and get right to the meat of episodes. Thus, I’ve missed all the gags at the end of Bleach, and sometimes missed (and had to go back to watch) extra episode that’s presented after credits. Thus, I didn’t notice this spoiler at the end of TWGOK2 episode 8 until today, when I figured I’d check out the post-credit picture. I’m a bit surprised that they’d show this particular piece of art for a future character, considering anyone who hasn’t read the manga will be slightly spoiled on Tenri’s character. However, I’d be more surprised if they chose this art when there wasn’t a very good chance of a third season or movie coming up, so I think the prospects are high!

My episode 8 review

they finally learned how to do filler episodes

With TWGOK2 episode 8, it seems Manglobe finally learned how to do filler episodes with the manga material without stretching out the original chapter to fit into the timeslot. The two episodes that stand out in season 1 are episodes 4 and 12, “On A Crusade” and “More Than a God, Less Than a Human.” These correspond to chapters 17 and 6, respectively (yeah, they threw them into the anime in a different order, but I think the idea was to have the gag song end the season, which fit well with the contents of chapter 6). Funnily enough, the other “filler” episode done right was season 1, episode 8 as well, which corresponded with chapters 11 and 12. Why they were done “wrong” is just that the material for the manga chapter was somewhat filler, at least compared to the primary storyline. However, the anime episodes took these singleton chapters and stretched them out to take forever and a day, advancing nothing in the anime and ticking off people like me who read the manga :P

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kaminomi x d-frag??

Episode 5 of The World God Only Knows (Season 2) features an interesting cameo:

Not sure what kind of setting is in the game Keima is playing, though. Probably just random dialogue, but the cameo is incredibly unexpected. Where’s my D-Frag anime?! By the way, there’s almost no way this is coincidental, the likeness is spot-on:

And for those unfamiliar with this manga, Takao is the head of the computer game creator club (a.k.a. “chief” or 部長, which is the eroge character’s “name” in the 1st and 2nd screencaps).