gencon success

Full recap post sometime this week. Look what I won!


going infinite – ascension style

So I actually got the infinite combo naturally in Ascension RotF vs. AI. I was going to see if I could break 9999 (or at least run the AI to a deck of 0 cards) but Sadranis bugged out when I was trying to recur Duke of Lies, so I tried to quit and reenter the game but it brought up the score screen instead :(

For those of you not in the know, the combo is Tablet of Time’s Dawn, Reclamax, a way to make all constructs into Mechana (Hedron Link Device or Dimension Diver), and either Rocket Courier X-99 or a hell of a lot of card draw to use the Tablet before ending your turn.

My deck was the following (yes, I had every construct in the game in my deck >_>):

Adayu, the Chosen
Askara of Fate x2
Master Dhartha
Seer of the Forked Path x3
Twofold Askara
Dartha's Retreat
The All-Seeing Eye
Tablet of Time's Dawn

Dandelion Witch
Flytrap Witch x2
Lifebound Initiate x3
Lunar Stag x3
Nairi, Henge Queen
Wolf Shaman x3
Snapdragon x2
Stone Circle x2
Yggdrasil Staff x2

Burrower Mark II x2
Combustion Idol x2
The Grand Design x2
Hedron Cannon
Hedron Link Device
Project Alpha
Reclamax x2
Rocket Courier X-99 x2
Socket Altar x2
Watchmaker's Altar x2

Sadranis, Dark Emissary
Black Hole
Shadow Star x2
Voidthirster x2

storm of souls delayed

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the Ascension: Storm of Souls standalone expansion for a few months now. First, the release date was supposedly November 28. Around that date, I checked on the Ascension website and they announced an official release date of December 16. Now, I check again today and there is apparently an “unavoidable shipping delay” which pushes back retail release until January… but individual preorders will still be fulfilled? Extremely. Disappointed. I preordered through my local game store since they have a nice preorder discount and I wanted to support them, so I won’t see my copy for another month. I just feel that, if individual preorders still go out, there should be a way to get warehouse shipments out as well. “Uncontrollable shipping delay” sounds like a problem with the shipping company, which could be construed as a breach of contract. It would be really hard for them to complain if Gary Games went with another company to honor their product release date. Unfortunately, Ascension is a big enough hit that a shipping delay probably won’t really affect sales, so there’s probably no chance they’ll try to get it out on time.

EDIT: Should note that the Return of the Fallen small expansion was finally added to the Ascension app. This would normally be extremely exciting news… except that it was supposed to have been released sometime around GenCon, 8 months ago… it’s still really fun though. Here’s the highest score I’ve seen.