nisioisin returns!

Browsing Anime News Network, I came across two articles that piqued my interest. First, Kizumonogatari (prequel to Bakemonogatari, “broken goods story”) is streaming a trailer on the official website. It doesn’t really have much in it, but the trailer is somewhat amusing. I don’t know Japanese, so I can’t tell what it’s saying with all the random words flashing across the screen :(

Second, Nisemonogatari (sequel to Bakemonogatari, “fake goods story”) is getting an anime! This one will feature Araragi Koyomi’s sisters, Karen and Tsukihi. I am excited!


i’d love to have a conversation with nisio isin someday

Last weekend, I read this translated light novel, Zaregoto: The Kubushime Romance. It’s called a “light novel” and the cover (naturally, since it’s a light novel) has a pretty cartoony-looking drawing, but, if either of those features turns you off, let me just warn you that this ain’t your ancestors’ dime novels. There’s nothing light about Zaregoto2’s contents or volume (although I guess that depends on whether you think 340 pages is light or not), and, considering the kinds of people I know, I’m probably more likely to see this book piled in with stuff like the Silmarillion and The Once and Future King… OK, that’s a horrible exaggeration, but don’t burn my strawman yet.

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kizumonogatari anime announced

Just saw on Anime News Network that Kizumonogatari (kizumono = “defective/damaged item/thing” + monogatari = “story”), the prequel to Bakemonogatari, just had an anime green-lit. Same studio, so I hope the same level of quality as the original is conserved.

I’m glad the anime scene is putting out so many works I’m excited to watch. I just need to learn Japanese now so I don’t have to wait for fansubs >_<

oh yes, they went there

Just watched the fourth episode of Katanagatari (subs by [Mazui]) and man, props to Nisio Isin. His stories are to anime as Joss Whedon is to the dramedy genre. I’m actually sure there was an episode of Buffy that did the exact same thing Nisio did in this story. Good times. Anyway, the content was not disappointing at all… well, maybe a *little* disappointing, but it definitely kept me hooked all the way through. If you haven’t checked out Nisio’s work yet, go do it!

medaka box vomic

If you follow recent anime at all, you’ll be familiar with Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari. From the first episode of Bakemonogatari, I decided Nisio Isin was welcome to join the ranks of People I Think Are Awesome. After that, it wasn’t hard to track down some of his other works, one being the light novels Zaregoto, the other being the manga Medaka Box.

Medaka Box is currently being scanlated by CXC. Browsing their site, I was able to discover some vomics (voice + comic = vomic… get it?!?!), which are pretty neat.

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