it’s still not old

otakami is awesome. They translated Wakusei no Samidare, they know the keikaku… all-around good guys :)


my beef with d.gray man

D.Gray Man is a fairly well-known, popular anime/manga series. It’s a shounen fantasy/battle type, and it’s quite unique, which is cool. However, I have one big beef with it, seen below:

To preface, D.Gray Man is available on Hulu and AnimeNewsNetwork subbed for free. However, look at that name. “Arystar Krory.” If you’re familiar with European-based fiction and superstition, or anime with roots in the late-1800’s in England, you might know the name “Aleister Crowley.” Crowley was a well-known occultist and magician who has myriad cameos as a practitioner of fantastic arts or similar roles in contemporary fiction and video games. Note how closely these two sound when you read them out loud!

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fairy tail 39

So yesterday I caught this interesting gem in Fairy Tail episode 39… does anyone know what the heck it is?

The subs I watch for Fairy Tail are by a collaboration between Keishou and IEatSoul. The encodes are done well, they use a non-offensive font (which is apparently harder than you’d think to do, considering some of the font choices out there), and the translation typically looks good. However, I have to say, at least run your scripts through a spell checker before releasing.

Click here for a minor FT39 spoiler…

It’s almost as bad as the other recent mishap, where the script wasn’t even muxed on the released video. I mean, I’m sorry, but could you just take 5 seconds to open the file you encoded and make sure it looks OK? When I was editing/QCing, I always watched the episode with my script changes before sending the script off to the next person. I caught a lot of typos I myself had made from oversight or working too closely. I mean, what if your encode completely failed and you lost sound or picture for a few minutes? What if the script timing ended up being off? There are so many unpredictable things that can go wrong. This is a preventable flaw, why not take the 23 minutes to do one last pass?

why bother

I don’t understand why someone would ever think this is something OK to do in translation. The words are not stylized over the frame, like when action manga show a flashy special move. It’s not something too long to fit in the speech bubble. It’s not like any special or distinct phrase. If you’re already erasing the text in the bubble, it’s not like it’s more work to just put the English meaning in there instead; they made it more work by putting in both the romaji and the translation. I mean, if the whole manga were translated like this, it might make sense, but it’s only this single line.

If you’re going to translate something, either translate it or don’t, don’t half-ass it. You’re just making it more work for the reader.

announcement of a new post tag!

I’ve decided to make a new post tag called “keikaku means plan” for posts about fansub fails, scanlate fails, horribly obvious scam e-mails, hanzai smatter, etc. I’m one of those people who used to browse for hours on end, and I definitely get a huge kick out of Sankaku Complex’s various articles and fansub e-peen/drama posts, so I’ll give those similar to me an outlet to find this stuff :)