cube returning to diablo!

The patch 2.3 preview went up yesterday, and some great changes are coming to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls! The best one is the return of the Horadric Cube from Diablo II! The Horadric Cube was a really neat item that only got better as more patches and the Lord of Destruction expansion pack came out. Initially, it was just a curiosity, something with a limited number of alchemical tricks to create various potions or specific weapon stacks. You could also upgrade gems from one tier to the next. Of course, the most famous use for the Horadric Cube was to combine Wirt’s Leg, found in the ruins of Tristram, with a Tome of Town Portal to open a portal to the Cow Level.

Kanai's Cube

In Diablo III, we’re getting the “upgraded” cube, which apparently belonged to King Kanai. A new area, the Ruins of Sescheron, will contain the Tomb of King Kanai, where you can find this cube. Blizzard says that this cube will be able to transmute crafting materials from one type to another, and, more excitedly, break down legendary items and equip the passives on your character itself, outside of the skill passives! Since this will most certainly not include set bonuses, the most obvious choice will be the Ring of Royal Grandeur, whose legendary ability reduces the number of set items required to gain a set bonus. This will open up classes that rely on multiple sets to also gain the ridiculous benefits of the Focus/Restraint ring set, which provide a +100% damage bonus with a fairly low upkeep.

Other changes to look forward to include the removal of the Realm of Trials system (presumably you’ll be allowed to just automatically enter any Greater Rift rank up to the highest rank you’ve beaten), new Act-specific crafting materials, a Seasonal timeline and new rewards including portrait frames, and the additions of Torment levels 7-10! We’re currently in month 2 of the forecasted 3-4 month Season 3, so expect this patch to hit the PTR soon and come out as early as mid-August! As I have recently gotten back into Diablo III, this makes me all kinds of excited :)

See Blizzard’s official preview here.