starcraft 2 beta cracked, ai horrible

Apparently the Starcraft 2 beta has been cracked with a rudimentary computer AI. When I say rudimentary I mean you would probably have to try, really hard, to not win.

And I quote: “It was confusing as hell but I got the beta installed and the crack and all the maps. The AI is currently REEEEALLY dumb. I was able to kill all 3 computer players with about 15 reapers.”

I’m sure if you’re a resourceful internet denizen, you’ll be able to find it on your own. For Aiur!

my friend moves the map with the keyboard…

So, on one of the forums I frequent, there’s been random smatterings of Starcraft 2 beta impressions. One thing mentioned that I caught my interest is that the building hotkeys have all changed. No more B P for Pylons D: so I went looking for a chart of new hotkeys, because I’m such a diligent worker bee while in the hive.

Apparently that is a picture of the new Probe, FYI.