summer wars subs

So I recently watched Summer Wars. I’m a die-hard no-spoilers kind of person, so, this being a movie, I’ll only offer the littlest of details. It’s about a teenage guy who is invited to the countryside by his classmate. The world they live in is almost entirely manageable online; communications, finances, electronics, almost everything has a virtual representation. During his outing, something disastrous happens that threatens both the real and online worlds.

Summer Wars won a bunch of awards at Tokyo Anime Fair 2010, including Animation of the Year, the Director Award, and the Fine Arts Award. I enjoyed it very much, and highly recommend it to any random person who happens upon this blog. However, for we who do not live in Japan or speak Japanese, there’s only a low-quality raw with Korean hardsubs floating around there, pretty poor subtitles, and even worse muxes. In the first file I downloaded, the audio and subtitles desynced from the picture after about 33 minutes; in the second file, the supposed “version 2,” now the first 33 minutes of subtitles were unsynced, although the sound was good in both halves (I didn’t watch the whole thing to verify).

I’ve got a little fansubbing experience; I used to help Hatsuyuki subs with Pandora Hearts, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, Kämpfer, and Kobato., but quit due to time constraints plus dissatisfaction at having my English picked at by non-native English speakers. Seriously, it’s cool that you’re learning English, but have a little more faith in someone who grew up and lived in the US for over 20 years, and works a job where I write up to 100+ formal e-mails a day. *sigh* Anyway, I found the “best” Summer Wars raw, found the ASS (yes, it’s hilarious) file, and am working on retiming and a few script edits so that people with half-decent computers, who can afford to download a 1.36 GB AVI, can watch this great movie without issue.

The Japanese Blu-ray just came out today, so hopefully there will be a good raw out soon and some more dedicated fansub group can release a subbed HD version, but I’m doing this also to help myself learn Japanese. I’m really half-hearted at this self-teaching stuff, so I need help where I can get it, and if this little project motivates me to learn just a little more, it’s worth it.

The CRC for the raw I’m timing this to is [A1E6780E], in case you want to prep yourself for some awesome subs coming in the indeterminable future :P

Seriously though, Aegisub has a frickin’ oscilloscope; it’s really easy to time off that. At least watch your damn muxes before releasing them. Have a little pride in your work.


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