first haul after rightstuf overhaul

So recently, RightStuf redid their website, which of course delayed orders :/ so when they had a Yen Press sale a few weeks ago and I ordered over $200 worth of books, of course the in-stock stuff only came in today >_< oh well, still exciting stuff!



Here’s the unboxing! Press on to see the spoils!



I like collecting the new release adverts, lol, I have a stack of them from all the RightStuf orders I’ve made over the years :)




Here’s the lot in one pile. Kind of a lot of books! And to think, this is only half of what I ordered haha! The rest is either out of stock or a preorder. Unfortunately, I’ll probably be in Europe with the first set of preorders finds its way to my apartment :( which includes Sword Art Online: Progressive volume 2, something I’m very much looking forward to after how great the first Progressive volume was.



Finally, here is my light novel shelf! Some of my books are still at my parents’ house back in Minnesota, mainly the entirety of the Haruhi series, but even without it I need to start a new shelf!


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