3gatsu no lion episode of my dreams



God, if only that would happen in real life to some of those jokers out there in the wild.


anime strike ends



So Amazon had this thing called “Anime Strike” where you could pay to get access to anime simulcasts, similar to Crunchyroll’s service. The only problem? You had to pay for it in addition to paying for Amazon Prime. Understandably, most anime fans were extremely critical of the service, especially once they learned that Amazon got exclusive streaming rights to a lot of popular and/or highly anticipated new shows.

Well, after a bit less than a year of service, Amazon is ending it and simply merging its library into Amazon Prime! In other words, Anime Strike subscribers now save $5 a month to get the same access, Amazon Prime members who didn’t want to pay the extra money can now watch all this anime with their base subscription, and non-members now only have to consider getting Prime to gain access to the Amazon anime library instead of having to pay for both! A definitive win for anime consumers who are against exploitative business practices.

end of 2017 update

Been a long time since my last post. Here’s what happened in the last couple months:

* Grinded hard in both Fate/GO JP and NA for various events
* Watched lots of anime
* Played a little Ixalan
* Read a bunch of books (Oathbringer, The Name of the Wind, lots of light novels)
* Watched all of Stranger Things 2 and Punisher (both great, highly recommend them)
* Hung out at GP Portland to get some Planechase cards signed
* Had my car broken into during dinner, backpack stolen, which included all my Planechase cards, all my Ixalan prize packs from prerelease, my trade binder, my GP Minneapolis Zendikar deck box and sleeves by rk post, various other things
* Replaced my car window
* Interviewed for a new project in Nashville and got it
* Prepped for and went on site to Nashville for 2 weeks
* Geeked out over new Monster Hunter World stuff, played the open beta a bit
* Went to San Francisco for Christmas to meet my new niece!
* Got back yesterday night, picked up some fun packages that I Tweeted about above

Now, what’s coming up next?

* Going to a cabin for New Year’s to hang out with friends, play board games, hike and stuff
* Going back to Nashville in January for a week
* Picking up Monster Hunter World on January 26th and isolating myself from society for an amount of time
* Reading all the light novels and manga
* Pining over lack of Brandon Sanderson books
* Pretending I’m going to pick back up my web writing but not actually doing it
* Pretending I’m going to try to seriously learn Japanese again but remaining at casual/glacial pace

Hope everyone out there had/has a good holiday season! Here’s to hoping 2018 is a less shitty year than 2017 was!


So yeah, I’ve been kind of slacking off on my self-inflicted blog responsibilities. I have excuses though! So many excuses!

  • I decided to read Dungeon Defense and ended up passing 2 days without really doing anything other than reading Dungeon Defense. Eagerly awaiting book 5.
  • Thor: Ragnarok came out, and I went to see it, and it was glorious.
  • Stranger Things II also came out, and I got hooked and had to marathon it.
  • J-Novel Club is having a catch-up month on The Faraway Paladin, which I had been wanting to read, then I started reading it and couldn’t stop.
  • Fate/Grand Order (NA) just launched the GUDAGUDA Honnoji event last night and it’s awesome and hilarious.

This is genuinely why I feel like I can’t actually become a creator, I’m way too engrossed in consuming. It started when I was very young, I would read all the Bruce Coville kids books. My mom got me into renting Newbery Medal winner books at the library, which got me into the Chronicles of Prydain series, which set off my fantasy tendencies. In elementary school, I discovered Super Mario RPG, which led to a friend introducing me to Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan) and Chrono Trigger. In junior/senior high school, I got into Redwall and Dragonlance as well as Harry Potter, in addition to getting a Playstation and learning about SNES emulators. Some point in that mess, my cousins in Switzerland introduced me to the Dragon Ball and Shaman King mangas, which eventually, in college, led me to dabbling in anime, which led to reading manga online, and after I moved for my first job I started collecting English-language manga and light novels as well.

I just really like… stories. Human imagination taking an audience to a new place, based in the real world or not. I am especially fond of fantasy and sci-fi because it’s just amazing how people can come up with concepts that do not even exist! And, with sci-fi, it can even lead to people inventing stuff based on those ideas in the future! But the stories I like always maintain the human element, how people and civilization fit, or don’t fit, into these potential or possible worlds.

I have a bookmark folder dedicated to manga series and translated light novels/web novels that I want to read sometime. I have a ton of video games I’ve bought over the years that I know I’ll love, I just haven’t found time to play them yet. I have books I’ve bought that I know I’ll love but haven’t read them yet. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY THINGS!!!

patterns 3


FNM got canceled since there weren’t enough people, so I was able to pump out another chapter! It ended up taking a lot longer than I was planning, due to a double helping of backstory.

I think I’m developing the weird habit of ending every chapter with some kind of unexpectedness. I’ll try to stop doing that otherwise it’ll get old fast haha.

Quick note that I have plans tomorrow (today) so I probably won’t get chapter 4 done until Sunday.

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