rags – theros block draft – june 5, 2014


Well, after a couple weeks in Portland, I finally made it to a draft! Shout out to The Friendly Local Game Store, which has only been open a couple weeks but looking to build a solid community! The store’s attention to customer comfort, order, and cleanliness reminds me a lot of I’m Board, plus they have $8 casual drafts (no prizes) on Thursdays, so I think I shall be a long-time customer! It is a bit far away from my apartment, unfortunately, but I don’t think any stores are conveniently located near me anyway.

So, draft. I opened a Daring Thief. In hindsight, knowing what else I could have drafted, I probably should have taken it, since it’s kind of ridiculous with Evanescent Intellect. However, I took Whitewater Naiads over it, which is a less risky card that’s got a similar power-level. My second pick was a Hydra Broodmaster, which made me think I might repeat my last Theros draft. However, I picked up 3 Nyx Infusions as well as a Dreadbringer Lampads and 2 Cloaked Sirens, seeing little good in green, solidifying me in UB. Also helped that I got passed a Scourge of the Fleets mid pack. Pack 2 I opened Herald of Torment, which was cool, then wheeled 2 Servant of Tymaret, which, after having played with them, they are pretty insane. I’ll have to pick them much higher in the future. Aside from the Forlorn Pseudamma, I didn’t really get or see anything else interesting in the BNG pack. Theros too felt rather unexciting; I picked up Tymaret first pick, then got passed a Nighthowler, but nothing else fun stood out.

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rags – theros block draft – may 11, 2014


So, in remembrance of my last day in Madison, I decided to go out and draft Nyx/BNG/Theros when I know basically nothing about any of the sets ;) The most I got was a really general overview of the archetypes from friend Alan who died and went to Seattle. The rares I opened were Dictate of Karametra, Fated Return, and Daxos of Meletis. Point of interest, the person on my left opened a foil Thoughtseize :/

Anyway, knowing nothing about what cards are in the sets, I thought to myself “Hey, Interpret the Signs seems like a pretty cool card, let’s take that!” Which followed that since the next pack had a Polymorphous Rush, a rare with the same color as my first pick (!), I took that too. After that, I started taking actual cards and not being an idiot. I believe I started with Colossal Heroics, since semi-Overrun effects seem good. Golden Hind and Nessian Game Warden also got picked pretty early. I also took Bloodcrazed Hoplite kind of early, thinking it could go well with the Colossal Heroics, but the rest of the black cards seemed pretty bad so I quickly jumped ship. However, I did get Cloaked Siren and Bladetusk Boar pretty late, as well as Stormchaser Chimera, so I decided to go for UG splash R, which ended up working out rather well. In packs 2 and 3, I prioritized fixing and flyers, first-picking the Satyr Wayfinder and getting Peregrination pretty early. I was overimpressed with Sphinx’s Disciple, grabbing 2, but ended up only playing 1 due to its small body. Pack 3 was kind of haphazard. I just took the Daxos because I thought maybe I could splash it, then Anax and Cymede because it was rare and I wasn’t too impressed with anything else in the pack. Luckily, I picked up a Traveler’s Amulet and a lot of solid cards in a passed Polis Crusher (!!!), Welkin Tern Vaporkin, the two Horizon Chimeras, and two Leafcrown Dryads.

There were a lot of red removal cards I saw going around, but didn’t really feel like I had enough red to support them consistently, which is why I passed them. I ended up with the sole Fall of the Hammer for my hard removal, hoping I could just ramp into flyers or big groundstompers. With my high flyer density, I also passed on the green flyer hate, and didn’t see any good counterspells or bounce in blue – well, I did see a Dissolve, but I think it was between that or Leafcrown Dryad and I felt like I’d rather just have more early creatures.

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