so behind…

So I started playing Granblue Fantasy and that’s pretty much consumed all of my time >.> but now that I have a break waiting for AP/EP to restore, I can come post stuff here!


First off, here is an older package that arrived on June 20.

For manga, we have Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Mushoku Tensei 3, Food Wars 12, and Hataraku Maou High School 3.

I really like Tiv’s art, so I was happy to see Masamune-kun get picked up. The story is fun too, kind of amusing high school melodrama stuff; this is about Masamune, who used to be a rich, fat kid and was cruelly rejected by his beautiful childhood friend Aki (also from a rich family). In despair, he works hard over a few years to condition his body and now he’s super in-shape and very attractive to his female classmates, in addition to becoming rather vain himself. His goal is to get Aki to fall in love with him in order to reject her in turn. However, after he enrolls at her school, he finds out some rather weird secrets about Aki and her servant.

Mushoku Tensei continues with the story of Rudy being sent to tutor his cousin in the big city. Through some manipulation of image, Rudy successfully gets his cousin and aunt to hold a lot of sympathy for him, though his uncle seems to see through it but also doesn’t particularly care about stepping in. In a big twist, the entire country is engulfed in a large-scale magical light, and Rudy finds himself in some kind of dark world… back in his old body from Earth. Thus the volume ends. I’m reading the scanlated chapters, so I do like where it goes from here, I hope any readers continue to pick up the series and follow along in the adventures!

Food Wars 12 wraps up Hayama and Kurokiba’s match, leading into a three-way final between those two and Yukihira. Most of the volume covers the theme of the finals, as well as the preparatory steps each contestant takes. We get to see Kurokiba’s and Hayama’s dishes in the match, as well as half of Yukihira’s, but the volume ends as he’s about to reveal a hidden part of his dish. No doubt the new anime season will cover through the end of the Autumn Selections, and I’ve heard mentioned that it will also do the Stagiaire arc, but with only 13 episodes I’m kind of skeptical. We’ll see, the first episode aired over the weekend (Yukihira vs. Nakiri Alice), and while a bit rushed it was still good.

Next, here’s a package I picked up last Thursday, my preorders for the Atelier Sophie and Grand Kingdom limited editions.

Here are the contents from the Atelier Sophie LE. There’s the standard abridged soundtrack, a hardcover artbook, the art box, and some print cards.

The main item of note is this cloth poster, which is pretty neat.

Now, here’s the Grand Kingdom LE. Again, abridged soundtrack, this artbook is actually leatherbound, which is pretty neat. Some decals, and this poster is made out some kind of vinyl or otherwise more durable material than simple paper.

Since I’ve been playing Granblue Fantasy and obviously doing wiki work for it, I haven’t had time to start on these games, or finish old ones, plus Monster Hunter Generations comes out at the end of next week >_< And I still don’t have a project! Arg.


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