extella oppai mousepad!

So I was checking the Fate/Grand Order reddit and came across this Twitter comic, which was pretty funny. Spent some time translating, then decided, hell, it’s only 1 page, I’ll just typeset it too. Here it is for your perusal!

Source: https://twitter.com/nagisamoa/status/739111982389858305CkHabdOUgAMQt43_translated.jpg
Translation notes after the jump.

嫁 yome (bride)

特典 tokuten (privilege, specialty)

目のやり場に困る me no yariba ni komaru (wherever I look troubles me)

違うchigau (wrong)

余が提案したのではない yo ga teian shitano dewanai (isn’t this more than proposed)

氏 shi (Mr.) – Kind of fudged Nero’s last bubble because I’m not totally sure what she’s saying.

納得できません Nattoku dekimasen (I cannot be satisfied with this)

なぜ!この良妻マウスパッドがないのです! Naze! Kono ryousai mousepad ga nainodesu! (why! this good wife mousepad isn’t there/doesn’t exist)

ほらコンなに豊かな豊穣の大地がここに! Hora konna ni yutaka na houjou no daichi ga koko ni! (see, how rich and fertile this ground is here!)

キャスター! これ凄いよ! 柔らかい! Caster! Kore sugoi yo! Yawarakai! (Caster! this is amazing! so soft!)

躊躇いもなくわしづかみ (鷲づかみ) とか流石ご主人様! Tamerai mo naku washizukami toka sasuga goshujin-sama! (with no hesitation, you’re holding it tight! that’s my master!)

君逹!女性としての恥らいはいのか kimitachi! Josei toshite no hajirai wa nai no ka (you people! as girls, do you not have shame)


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