more stuff from april!


Got a package today of stuff, mostly new releases from this week!

In light novel land, we have Hataraku Maou-sama 4, which I’m excited to read next. The last volume had a very specific topic in mind, so, while it was good, it was still a fairly major departure from the style of the first 2 volumes, so I’m hoping things return to form.

Continuing my collection of SAO LNs I’m buying for the sake of supporting the series comes my favorite arc from the anime, the Kawahara-approved more-properly-English-titled Mother’s Rosary. Someday I’ll read all the other novels to catch up (I’ve only read 1 so far, but I have read all of Progressive), just so I can read this one :3

DanMachi 5 should cover the last arc in the anime, which was full of action and plot, so I’m looking forward to it in prose form. Some people seem to dislike “re-reading” anime arcs in LN form, but I’ve almost always found interesting information left out from the anime adaptation, and I’m confident that trend won’t be stopping any time soon. I mean, the anime needs to cut content in order to fit everything into time episodes, so it’s understandable, but that’s why LN adaptations are generally perceived as glorified LN commercials, since they’re more produced to get LN sales bumped, not to spin off a new media franchise.

The final volume of Spice & Wolf has arrived as well! Unfortunately, I kind of lost steam after finishing up through the anime’s content, and now I’ve got a small backlog of other series where I’m closer to being caught up, so it might be a while before I read this volume. However, I definitely do not regret owning the entire series, since I very much enjoy it. Someday!

In mangaland, Seven Seas had a recent RightStuf promotion, so I picked up some missing volumes to hit free shipping, specifically Pandora in the Crimson Shell and Nurse Hitomi. They are things I will read at some point, but they’re not purchase priorities for me either. The ones that are, however, are Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa and The Ancient Magus’s Bride. I finished JitsuWa earlier, and it does not disappoint in the least; there’s a reason I was super excited for this manga to be licensed, and that reason is still fully intact, since I laughed my ass off reading it :) Ancient Magus’s Bride is next, and, happily, volume 4 actually topped the NYT best seller’s list! To my recollection, this is the first volume that actually hit #1, though previous volumes have placed.

So RightStuf is also doing a promotion where I can earn a small discount if I post some reviews of things I’ve ordered from them. I should probably post what I write here too, cuz why not, but I do plan on doing that.

What’s up next…? Horimiya volume 3 comes out in a few days, but I’ll probably put off ordering it until I have a bunch of stuff. The Abandoned Sacred Beasts volume 1 is coming in May, which is pretty cool, although I would have preferred Tales of Wedding Rings personally. Either way, nice that Maybe is getting English releases. On the light novel front, Overlord 1 is May, and… I actually haven’t updated my list yet, the batch that arrived today was the last I had marked. I know Re:Zero is coming this year as well, and Bakemonogatari is December. DanMachi: Sword Oratoria is also this year, but I can’t remember what other new titles are coming, and I don’t have dates for ongoing series either. Guess I’ll have something to do tonight!


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