new arrivals – april 2016


So being back in the weekly travel business means I get to come home to a bunch of packages all at once!

The main centerpiece is, of course, IFI’s Trillion for the Vita. If you’ve never heard of it, Trillion is a semi-roguelike where you are defending your demon kingdom from being destroyed by the mysterious enemy Trillion, who literally has 1 trillion HP. I have not read too much into the game in order to experience it myself, but I believe it goes in waves of repelling Trillion, dealing some damage, then recuperating/leveling up. The damage you deal to Trillion is cumulative throughout the game. I’m quite excited to play it… but it unfortunately is going to be backlogged until AT LEAST after Trails of Cold Steel, which I still haven’t started yet >.<

Next, we have Yen Press’s new light novel releases, including: No Game No Life 4, the first book that takes places after the events of the anime; Strike the Blood 2; Log Horizon 4, the latter half of the goblin festival arc; and Index 6, which covers the last arc of season 1 of the anime. No Game No Life 4 is actually #1 on the NYT’s manga bestseller list for the week, which is pretty impressive for a light novel. ANN’s Justin Sevakis answered a reader question on why light novels are less popular in the West, and I mostly agree with the reasoning, so I’ll restate that NGNL’s 1st place is quite impressive.

Finally, some manga volume additions. SAO: Progressive continues to be visually impressive while not skimping out on any of the story. I would like A-1 to do an anime adaptation of the SAO reimagining based on the manga. I’m particularly interested to see how the manga tackles floor 3 and above, because, quite honestly, the books were disappointing. Book 2 (floor 3) did some really cool things so I still like it, but book 3 felt like a pretty big mess that had very little of note going on. Choosing not to continue following the story from Asuna’s perspective was a huge mistake.

The other Yen Press manga volumes I got were Trinity Seven 4 and Nozaki-kun 2. Trinity Seven is a series I really enjoy, so it was pretty disappointing to see the anime adaptation turn out so poorly. At least we’re getting English releases of the books! Nozaki-kun’s anime was recently released by Sentai Filmworks. It’s been pretty widely praised as one of the best anime to air in 2014, but I’m not sure I’m willing to shell out the cash for the limited edition. $78 at RightStuf’s price is pretty hefty for a 12-episode series and a few random bonus items.

The VIZ books I got were Twin Star Exorcists 4, whose anime is premiering in a couple days; Food Wars 11, which continues into the Fall Classic tournament that will be animated this year, I believe; and Nisekoi 14. Nisekoi is starting to head towards a conclusion in its recent chapters, which is rather exciting. I’ve always maintained that Nisekoi’s “filler” chapters were still good because, unlike other long-running going-nowhere series like say Hayate, they continued to expand on the established cast in some way, and that just enriches the plot when things begin to move.


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