so much fate news!


So a couple weeks ago, Fate/Extella was announced, a PS4/PSV game that appears to be set after Fate/Extra CCC and in the style of Musou/Dynasty Warriors. I kind of missed blogging about it since I was out of town for work and have kind of been super busy since then. Well, this weekend I’m home and, what do you know, there were more huge Fate-related announcements at AnimeJapan 2016!

First, ufotable’s Heaven’s Feel adaptation is definitively a trilogy of movies and not a single movie! I was quite certain this was going to be the case when it was first announced, but it’s always nice to have confirmation :3

Second, Fate/Extra is actually getting an anime! Called Fate/Extra: Last Encore, not a lot of information is available (since it was literally just announced in the last few hours), but we do know Red Saber is starring, so hopefully it’ll be a canonical version of the original Fate/Extra and *fingers crossed* CCC games.

Anyway, it’s been a good month to be a Fate fan!


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