sweet christmas!

Sweet Christmas!

Apparently today is my day. Luke Cage has an official release date of September 30, 2016, on NetFlix. Also, XSEED has announced that they’ll be releasing The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Third Chapter in 2017!!! Unfortunately, it will only be on PC, but still, considering my previous impression was “eh, we’ll probably never release it,” great news!

In other (older) news, Monster Hunter X is getting a Western release as the retitled Monster Hunter Generations this summer. I’ve dropped Final Fantasy Explorers in lieu of picking MH4U back up, since it’s such a better game. FFEx was fine, but as a MH clone it just lacks the innate synergy that pretty much the entire MH game exudes. The way I describe it is basically, multiplayer 3D Zelda.

I understand that people don’t like the “slower,” more deliberate combat in MH, but in exchange the combat is really meh in FFEx, you run in and spam skills, run out of attack areas whenever you remember to, cast your healing spells when you’re low on life, and move on. It just lacks the feeling of satisfaction that MH brings where almost every action needs to be calculated in battle, and almost every item carved or gathered has a distinct, clear use for future battles. FFEx you pick up and gather items faster than the on-screen display can tell you what you got, so more often than not everything just goes into a big, forgettable list, and it just lacks that connection MH has of hunting a monster to make items from that monster.

Anyway, if anyone wants to hunt with me, since soloing G-rank quests is super frustrating, hit me up in the comments ;)


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