i enjoy showing off stuff


I got new stuff today! I made a “stuff I don’t want to wait for a sale to buy” purchase, and for some reason the package arrived in my city on Friday, but they did not try to send it out Saturday, so I only got it today :( not too important, though, since I did have a full weekend docket anyway.

I did get Final Fantasy Explorers last week, though, which has been occupying… less of my time than I thought it would, mostly because my other friends did not get it right away or have been busy so I feel less rushed to play it immediately. That same day, I also got the final omnibus of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer! Always a great read, and the ending still gets me.


Aside from this stuff, I’ve been spending most of my time in Diablo 3, with Season 5. My witch doctor was able to clear a rank 60 Greater Rift, and I’m hoping to finish the season journey, but I have been having the worst luck trying to get an ancient weapon for any of the good end-game builds :/ conversely, my demon hunter rolled a 8% damage, 12 discipline ancient Yang’s Recurve on the second legendary upgrade, so I facepalmed pretty hard.


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