here’s my last rightstuf package for 2015!


Here it is, my last package of the year! Technically the Red Saber figure is from yesterday, and actually from Saturday I just didn’t bother getting it from my apartment office, but still, it counts! :P

So yeah, there’s the standard LN updates: the last volume of Spice & Wolf, Phantom Bullet part 2, DanMachi 4, Hataraku Maou 3, and I also picked up DuRaRaRa!! since it was part of the Christmas sale. Of the manga, only The Ancient Magus’s Bride 3 is part of my regular purchases, with the final Lucifer & the Biscuit Hammer omnibus coming at a later time (presumably because it’s out of stock?!). Pandora in the Crimson Shell (which is getting an anime next year), Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary, and the Devil is a Part Timer High School were all ones on sale that I had previously toyed with buying but never felt that inclined. I figure I want to support Seven Seas so I might as well get those volumes, and I like Hataraku Maou enough to get the High School-version manga volumes too. They’re damn thin, though :X

Then, there’s finally my declaration of legal ownership for the Index and Railgun BD/DVDs! Those have definitely been something I’d been on the lookout to buy, just they were never in a price range I could justify until now. Very glad to own them, though. Hopefully Index 3 gets announced at some point!!!

Now to wait until next year’s new stuff starts coming… My Monster Secret (Jitsu wa watashi wa…) will be coming in January already, so I’ll have to get on that :)


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