story update + fate pocky!


I have updated my story, which is available from the page links in the top right. I made some minor grammar/flow edits to the first part, but you can read just the new content from the jump here.

This picture is half of the RPS damage cycle in Fate/Grand Order. Think of it like Pokémon typing, except that each Servant only has 1 Class so it’s more simple. The other half is Rider >> Caster >> Assassin >> Rider. Berserker deals and takes extra damage from every class. There are a couple unique classes in Fate/GO too; Shielder has zero advantage or disadvantage, and the only Shielder is one of your starting Servants and the focus of the main story. Ruler takes reduced damage from all classes except Berserker but has no offensive bonus.

The raid had started making their way intimidatingly towards the cave, with the silent gleam of eyes within the cave taking on a hostile air, when a loud splash came from the river. The humans shouted, startled, a couple of the ones closest to the river falling over, while the wolves could be heard scrabbling deeper into the cave to increase the distance with this new potential attacker. The only sound came from the faint flapping of wings as various birds departed from the sudden noise.

Everyone stared as the water bubbled and the man surfaced, stepping up onto the bank as water streamed down his body. He had shoulder-length dark hair that covered his face, and a thick traveling cloak that covered his body. The only other things immediately visible were his leather boots and a bandolier of throwing knives peeking out of his cloak under his slouched torso. He started wringing out his hair with his bare hands and slicked it back haphazardly, revealing a stubbled chin underneath dark, sharp eyes.

“Oh good, I was hoping to get your attention. Please wait a moment before storming that cave, I wish to share some thoughts, if you please.” The man took off his cloak and began to wring it as well. Kollen, raising a fist to stop the party from advancing, took a few steps forward to examine this intruder. He seemed uninjured and additionally carried a falchion at his waist. Noting this, Kollen licked his lips.

“Hail, traveler. You might want to retreat behind us to recover. This place is a mite dangerous; we’ve come to this cave to deal with these savage wolves, it wouldn’t do for you to be caught up in it.”

The young man glanced up with one eyebrow raised. “I thought you were trying to convince them all not to fight.”

He heard us? Where could he have been, to fall into the water without injury after making such a big splash? Kollen’s eyes shot around briefly, then he shook his head. “No, you must be mistaken. Our village is in danger, and this is the only course of action left ensure our protection.”

The stranger chuckled as he finished wringing out his pants and tunic. Those clothes… they don’t look expensive or terribly exotic, but he is certainly not from this kingdom…. “These wolves have been here for weeks, and they knew about you before settling into this cave. They have been poaching your farm animals, but this is the first time anyone has even been injured, let alone died. You are in no more danger than if the village elder had died in a bad cooking fire. No, this is retribution, for the slight these uncouth wolves have performed by baring their teeth at humans.”

As the raid started rustling angrily, the man walked over to the dead wolf corpse and gestured for Kollen to approach. “See here, there is a fresh cut on the nose, and not from teeth, but probably a sharp kitchen knife, if not a shortsword of some kind. This one was attacked by a man recently. Its legs also appear to be injured, there are similar cuts all over. But the real clue is on its side here. See how the fur is not quite uniform?”

The man made circles with an outstretched hand to bring attention to the wolf’s side, then carefully lifted the fur to show off a deep, half-scabbed cut. Flies flew from the wound as it aired out. “This was not a peace offering. This was a mercy killing, and also a warning to you that they are more than prepared to fight.”


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