yen press shipment october 2015

Yen Press haul!

Another package, another update to my collection! This is the second half of the huge Yen Press order I made a few months ago, and already there’s another Yen Press sale on RightStuf and I’ll probably have to make another order, haha. Mainly because Sword Art Online: Progressive book 3 is coming out soon, and they have been a huge blast to read. I still haven’t even read past the first novel in the main series, haha.

Hmm, what other updates do I have? The fall 2015 anime season has started, the shows I’m enjoying the most are the continuation of Haikyuu!! and Noragami, and I have high hopes for Heavy Object and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. K-Return of the Kings is pretty good too. Nothing else has really stood out for me.

I started playing Fate/Grand Order on Bluestacks… quite a fun RPG-style game with the typical mobage transactions. It’s got really high production values so it would be sweet if it got an English release, but they seem to be very slow on updates and the way they’ve been handling the recently-started Halloween event has been rather poor. In addition, the gacha is really horrible, they put both Servants and equipment, called Craft Essences, in the same pool, so whenever you roll you aren’t even guaranteed to get a Servant, unless you do a 10-at-once roll. I’ve done 3 of those since starting, with 2 during this Tamamo-no-Mae bonus event, and still have yet to get a 4-star Servant :/ Well, I don’t spend money on mobile games, so not really a big loss to me.

I also started playing Terra Battle again, I recently finished all the C-rank and below units in the Pact of Fellowship, so I am working on farming job items for Camellia and Seiryu before I complete them so that they gain free levels. I think I’m much more likely to play a mobage for a long period of time when I’m not as involved in the wikis, lol. I’m definitely helping out with the Fate/GO wikia, but someone else already largely built the entire base, so I just expand on data. PAD was the same way, I started like a year after the game had been out so getting into wiki maintenance was a lot easier and I had to do less stuff myself. The cool thing about Fate/GO is that, since it’s in Japanese, I’m taking the opportunity to translate stuff and slowly start picking up more vocabulary.

Things I’m looking forward to? Well, Con Man just released its last batch of episodes today, that was a pretty fun watch, but I think tomorrow is the first full Jessica Jones trailer, so that will be a, uh, fun weekend in November :)


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