j’ai acheté des livres


I was in Europe for the latter half of July to celebrate my cousin’s marriage. I hadn’t been over in about 15 years, so it was a really fun trip, got to see all my cousins, good stuff. I did have one specific goal while I was there, though: from past research, I knew that Chihayafuru was licensed in French, so I was hoping to find it. Lo and behold, I found it! And a ton of other manga not licensed in English that I severely wanted to own! Unfortunately, I was only in France for a couple days and books were exorbitantly more expensive in Switzerland, so I only made out with 1 Iris Zero volume, but it worked out since my valise was barely under the weight limit anyway.

I didn’t see it anywhere in the French stores, but in Lausanne’s Fnac I also saw The World God Only Knows, which was super exciting, but, again, super expensive. Maybe next time; one of my other cousins got a job in Paris, so I’m sure I’ll be over to visit sometime, and buy shitloads of more French manga haha.


I also got a package in today, which has a long story behind it. As you may know, my last post contained the first part of my huge order from RightStuf after they changed their site. Well, turns out they had some problems around when that was shipped. One of the problems was that they charged me for the entire order even though only part of it shipped. This was fixed at the same time I found out about it, so I wasn’t too concerned. However, the other problem that was less publicly apologized for was that they decided to change their partial shipping policy to not do it anymore until they finish sorting out any remaining problems they have.

So, after returning from Europe, I decided to ask RightStuf why a) my orders were no longer showing up in my order history – in fact, only orders from early 2014 were showing up, and b) why I hadn’t gotten another partial shipment yet, even though half of my remaining order had released since the first partial. The response I got was, yeah, we’re not doing partial shipping anymore, and if you want your stuff to ship separately and not when the last item is released, you should have ordered it that way. Well, I said to myself, that was rather rude, and I said so to the CS rep. I ordered when they still did partial shipping; in fact, I already received part of my order from partial shipping in the first place, so shut your facehole.

Anyway, it wasn’t really a big deal, I asked if they could split my remaining order so I could get the half that was released right now and the guy got it done within a couple hours, so I got what you see above today.

So, moral of the story is, don’t preorder 3-4 months out if the website you’re ordering from just did a website upgrade and expect there to be no problems.


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