undead darlings kickstarter

Undead Darlings

So I am still a frequent visitor of the NIS America forums, and that’s where I found out about this project. A couple former NISA employees left to create their own game development/localization studio, called Mr. Tired Media (a literal translated of お疲れ様 “otsukare-sama,” a phrase meaning “good work” or “well done”), and this is their first game! Reading the description from the Kickstarter, this is a visual novel-style game with RPG/dungeon crawling elements. The battle system seems inspired by Wizardry and Phantasy Star IV, neither of which I have ever played, but it looks like that head-on style employed by Earthbound and Dragon Quest, games I have played :)

Here is the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mrtired/undead-darlings-no-cure-for-love

The game looks pretty interesting, and I wanted to help spread the word to the 2 people who read this blog :) I think it’s good for the gaming industry to have more successful developers and more varied games, so I am definitely in support of this project. Hope it appeals to you too!


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