spoils of war (a.k.a. i bought stuff)


So this was a weekend of spending. On Saturday, I went to IKEA and got much-needed furniture for my apartment. I got a wire storage shelf that acts as a poor-man’s dresser for my closet since I don’t want to buy dozens of hangers again. I also bought a small table with hinged flaps that transform it into a medium table, along with a couple pine chairs. Next day, I spent the afternoon in Oregon doing shopping before heading to my friend’s house to hang out for the night. Above, you can see that I got Krispy Kreme (yum), stopped by Powell Books and got Ms. Marvel volume 2 on sale, which I had been meaning to get at some point anyway. At Kinokuniya, I happened upon Yozakura Quartet 2 at 50% off, so I obligingly went for another Yasuda Suzuhito purchase with a Durarara!! artbook I happened to notice. I then stopped by Rainy Day Games and got a bunch of stuff, a 2-player cooperative tower defense card game called Sylvion that’s quite fun and has nice art, a couple HABA games, and PFACG Skulls & Shackles Adventure Deck 2 (since my Paizo subscription for some reason skipped it).


Then, today, one of my RightStuf orders came in, the “in stock and available” sale purchase I made last week. Continuing my collections of Nisekoi, SAO Progressive manga, and DanMachi, and starting out with Trinity Seven, Hataraku Maou-sama, and SAO Progressive proper. I’m actually quite excited to read SAO:P, since Aincrad is what defined SAO but, in the grand scheme, it was merely a prelude in the main series. I look forward to Kawahara giving it more attention this time around!


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