new march books – part 1


Got these last week but never got around to taking a picture. I was attempting to hold off until there was a RightStuf sale, but I realized there was probably a really low chance of Seven Seas getting a sale so I decided to just go ahead and buy them. I also decided I couldn’t wait for a VIZ sale so I got Shokugeki no Souma 4 in this shipment… then obviously VIZ went on sale like 2 days later -.- So that’s the other half of this month’s manga purchases, which include Nisekoi 8, 5 more volumes of Skip Beat, and a preorder for Shokugeki no Souma that releases on April 7.

Funny story: apparently Seven Seas had to take down the picture of Monster Musume 6 from Facebook because it was considered too lewd :O


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