monster kill!

Got a camcorder recording of the Infinity War reveal yesterday at the guerrilla panel:

Should also plug Agents of SHIELD, which was excellent last night. io9 has a good spoilered review posted, but I wanted to offer some of my thoughts as well. Spoilers ahead!

I’m kind of feeling like Mockingbird’s (Bobbi Morse/Adrianne Palicki) action scenes are… kind of subpar compared to scenes the show has done in the past. The escape from the HYDRA facility was good for her first appearance, but in retrospect they too felt slightly lacking. This week’s felt really weak, very simple and uninspired. Ming-Na Wen’s scenes were great as usual, so it’s kind of disappointing.

The interplay between Christian and Grant Ward was awesome. I never thought that Grant was fully coming clean; he may not have lied, but leaving out information is still a form of deception. However, this episode really drove home how much we, the viewers, should be mistrusting him. Even more, we get to see how slimy Christian is as well. It’s enough to overturn most of Grant’s stories from the first season.

What else… I loved the Fitz/Simmons interplay, how imaginary-Simmons perfectly responded to Fitz’s thoughts (obviously, since she was technically him), but now real-Simmons is so… unfitting. Mismatched. It’s pretty jarring after how in sync they were in season 1, but it’s conveyed to us spectacularly.

I do like how Talbott is shown to at least not be a complete bastard; he may not be SHIELD’s advocate, but he still understands them well enough to know they probably didn’t assault that UN meeting. It’s good to see him solidly representing the third, uninvolved party in the Spy vs. Spy competition.

Person of Interest was also amazing, though I was really hoping that Elias had smuggled in those HE rifles in an effort to stock up for the “unknown enemy” he was tipped off to by Harold. I was, for a while, kind of on board with Harold finding a new budding relationship with that other woman, but after seeing the Samaritan reveal, it seems way more awesome that he’s being subversive and manipulative. Hopefully it doesn’t cause him to go down “that road,” but it’s nice to see him on the front lines, and similarly neat to see Shaw play support.


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