i appear to still be good at magic

Went to a draft yesterday at a store I hadn’t been to before. They do $10 drafts, but you play outside pods and rounds are played until there is only a single undefeated player left. So we had around 25-26 players with various numbers of drops throughout the night, and somehow I ended up the only 4-0 O.o which got me a Fanatic of Xenagos FNM promo and 11 packs of Khans :O

I drafted a pretty generic, unexciting Mardu deck, no big bombs but lots of solid creatures and removal. 2 of my matches were really, really close; my round 2 I played against a Temur deck with some really huge creatures (Savage Knuckleblade, 2 Snowhorn Riders, 2 of the 6/5 Craw Wurms) and stuff like Singing Bell Strike, counterspells, etc. I was able to win because my opponent wasn’t keeping track of my land, so I was able to untap my Bell-Stricken creatures at the right time to kill his creatures for free. Both games I won we were both at <5 life on the last turn, so it really could have gone either way.

In the finals, I played against a Jeskai deck with multiple Scaldkins, Jeskai Ascendancy, Sage of the Inward Eye, gross removal cards and Deflecting Palm. I won game 1 because, while he had Ascendancy and Sage out, he wasn’t drawing any spells, so he eventually ran out of steam and I was able to swing through with Shambling Attendants and a +3 Ainok Bond-Kin. Game 2 we had a face-off between Leaping Masters early on that devolved into a board stall with each side having 4+ creatures out. I had revealed a Feat of Resistance to flip my Watcher of the Roost earlier, so once I was able to land Shambling Attendants I started swinging with them while Ainok Bond-Kin prevented him from blocking to kill, since I could Feat to give protection plus first strike. I was at 6, he was at 11, and I finally thought I could win. First, I EOT Burned Away his Efreet, since first strike plus any kind of pump could screw me over. In my hand, I had Arrow Storm, Suspension Field, and Dead Drop, with a couple cards in the yard and about 11 mana. I attacked with my whole team: +1 Attendants, Hordechief, Bond-Kin, Watcher, Pony Brigade, Leaping Master, Hateblade and 3 goblin tokens. He had 4 blockers: a Warshrieker, Leaping Master. Jeskai Student, and Wetland Sambar. I was calculating based on him blocking the Attendants and 3 of my 2-power creatures, but he actually traded/full-blocked all my 2s and too 8, putting him to 3. After combat, I cast Arrow Storm for 5… and he Deflecting Palmed it into me, putting me at 1 >_< He still had 3 cards in hand, but I had enough cards in the yard at this point to Dead Drop, getting rid of his last 2 creatures (Warshrieker and Student). Crossing my fingers, I passed the turn… he drew, and threw down his cards. 4 lands. He’d been bluffing spells the last 4-5 turns >.> but I also didn’t have the critical mass I needed to attack through anyway.

I’ll post a picture of my deck later. Anyway, it was an exciting match and entire tournament for me, I definitely plan on playing there again!


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