So yeah, started up a Hearthstone Arena, got into this board… and my opponent ragequit ;x


Sometimes, it feels good being really mean.

EDIT: Then, after going 4-0, I drop 3 games straight to me drawing only useless spells or 1-2 drop creatures for 3 turns in a row while my opponents play 2 4-drops per turn for those 3 turns. People like to bash Magic because being land screwed can be frustrating, but in Hearthstone you just run into more unwinnable situations. Sure, you can usually play your stuff, but there’s less strategy and more “no matter what I did, I would have lost anyway” games. Because there’s very little actual interaction between players on the board, it feels more like rock-paper-scissors or War; you do something, and your opponent just trumps it, and that’s it.


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